It’s Now Possible to Live Off Bitcoin

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We now live in an era where it is possible to live off a virtual currency known as bitcoin – in fact, many have successfully used bitcoins to fuel their everyday needs. Here are some interesting achievements that people have managed to find uses for bitcoin for.

Buy Food with Bitcoin

bitcoin accepted in subway

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That’s right, bitcoins can be used to buy food among it’s other uses. It is possible to buy a Subway sandvich for around 0.006BTC in some locations in the United States. Many food stores are beginning to take BTC as an equivalent of credit card currency.

Buying Online Products

Ecommerce websites are popular Bitcoin spenders. Whether you’re looking for games, physical goods, or used goods, cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular as a transaction medium. Take Aliexpress – known for men’s clothing, shopping and all around as a large retailer. Shopify, a platform that has 70,000 online stores, added Bitcoins in late 2013. These are just some of many!

Uses for Internet and Web Hosting

Considering starting up your own online business? Using cryptocurrency can get you a sweet deal with hosting providers such as HostMonster and even get your domain name set up. By the way, several file storage services like Depositfiles also use BTC as a payment for their premium accounts.

Bitcoins for Luxury Goods

How does a $11 million triple-decker yacht sound? Perhaps if you had 25,060 BTC you could become the next millionaire to buy a yacht with Bitcoins rather than standard currency. Or if big ships don’t tickle your fancy, there’s always that first-generation Apple Macintosh computer released in 1984 that’s available for sale.

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Bitcoins are Forever

Buying diamonds with bitcoin
Well, that was paraphrased. Diamonds do have a certain charm, and bitcoins are there for you if you ever need one. Use bitcoin to find that perfect piece of jewlery for your loved ones, and they’ll be even more surprised at how you purchased it (if they ever find out).

Tickets are Bitcoin-friendly

Yes, using any booking service provider for bitcoins is possible now with hotels such as the Holiday Inn Hotel in Brooklyn. If America isn’t really your place to go, the UK Theatre Tickets Direct store has bitcoin viable options for your next favorite musical.

Gift Cards Using bitcoins

Always popular are the gift cards that contain monetary value of choice – websites such as Gyft allow you to choose a desired gift card and send payment through from your Bitcoin Wallet. There are over 200 retailers to choose from on this site alone.

Bitcoin for Your Home Services

Entertainment doesn’t always need to be so complicated – DSH, a Colorado-based company with 14 million pay-TV subsrcibers uses bitcoin as a payment processor. In fact, Bitcoin has become so common that even dating websites such as OKCupid have a share in using it.

Still not satisfied? Try paying for your education with bitcoin, through websites such as Treehouse alongside its 70,000 students.

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