What Can I Buy With My Bitcoins?

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Girl who bought something with bitcoins

You’re probably aware of how valuable bitcoins are at this point, but did you know someone spent over 10,000 bitcoins for two Papa John’s pizzas back in 2009? Those bitcoins would be worth roughly $2.7 million by today’s standard! Back then, options were limited in how coins could be spent, but since they’ve created so much buzz over the last few years, more and more retailors are beginning to accept them as payment for merchandise. You might be wondering then, “What can I buy with bitcoins?” Whether it’s a necessary purchase or the burning desire to acquire something new is driving you crazy, there’s virtually no limit to what can be bought with your bitcoins.

Buy Food with Bitcoin

Keeping in the spirit of 2009’s pizza lover, PizzaForCoins.com will allow anyone from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and soon to be Canada, to order a pizza from Dominos. This means digital currency can translate into real world food to satisfy your appetite, and it all happens with a few clicks of the mouse. This isn’t just an internet fad, either. A Subway shop in Pennsylvania was accepting bitcoins back in 2013 for their soups, sandwiches and cookies.

As bitcoins continue to grow, food chains are going to be more likely to accept your coins as a means of payment.

Buy iPad or other electronics with Bitcoin

Perhaps more fun is the idea of buying electronics with bitcoins. Have you been wanting to get a new iPad? NewEgg.com, one of the world’s most popular electronic websites, now accepts bitcoins as a payment method. You can get everything from computers, tablets, software, video games and accessories! Not to mention they’ve extended their brand into toys, sporting goods, health and beauty, cars, and more.

Binance: one of the best exchanges in the world!

If you are looking for a trusted top class crypto exchange that has hundreds of trading pairs on a highly secure site, you should try Binance! Website is nicely designed and works perfectly. The all round high quality of operation and customer experience make Binance one of leading exchange in the industry. Register and find out for yourself!

Buy Gold, Jewerly and Luxury Things

If you’re looking to secure assets instead, Coinabul.com might be the best place to look. They give the opportunity to turn bitcoins into silver or gold. If actual jewelry is your style, then look no further than AllThingsLuxury. Anyone looking to accentuate their fashion collection with faux jewelry at reasonable prices should take a look at what they have to offer. It’s not just about vain commodities either. Needs as basic as a car and a home can be satisfied by bitcoins. Property owners in Houston, TX are allowing their tenants to pay rent with bitcoins, and a man in December of 2013 purchased a Tesla Model S for roughly 92 bitcoins. 

tesla model s
Some of what you can buy with bitcoin is reserved for the richest of the rich, though. BitPremier.com has listings that will make anyone salivate. Luxury jewelry items, expensive homes, restaurants in foreign lands, Lamborghinis and even rare works of art are all up for sale. One example I came across that took my breath away was a beautiful home in Mexico coming in at about $750,000. If you were an early adopter of bitcoins and have amassed riches, this website will certainly have everything to live a truly rich lifestyle.

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Book Hotels and Buy Flights

Even your travel expenses can be paid for in bitcoins by using websites like CheapAir.com, which has booked well over 200,000 hotels and several thousand flights.

In the early days of bitcoins, your options were limited to a few items such as socks made from Alpaca wool, pillows, and other miscellaneous items sold by adopters of bitcoin.

Since then, bitcoin has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon with millions of users taking part. There are now hundreds of thousands of online stores willing to accept your bitcoins. The list we’ve provided only scratches the surface!

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