Three Amazing Ways to Get Bitcoins that are Fun

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bitcoin game

Sometimes we need to rest. Find a way to relax and hang out for a short period of time. Many of us achieve this by playing games. We use them to relax and we use them in order to kill time. We use them while we are sitting in a traffic jam. We play games while we’re waiting in a queue or playing at home when nobody is around and so on. Today, we want to present to you, an amusing way to play games and get Bitcoins for doing so!


We have found a good number of mobile apps with Bitcoins which you can use right on your phone anywhere you want. First, we want to present an amazing website, BitPlay with five funny apps. They are simple to begin with so you don’t need to waste your time reading rules and so forth. Just download, install and start. Collect little coins and try to earn bigger ones. Moreover, you’re able to take part in a tournament and win a bigger prize competing against others.

Dragon’s Tale

dragons tale

That’s an interesting MMORPG in which you can earn Bitcoins. It is not so simple and easy as the previous one, so you’ll need to spend time learning it, but still, it’s worthwhile.

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Minecraft Server

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Last, but not the least, and in our opinion, this is the most interesting game here. It’s BitQuest.

This is a particular Minecraft server which is based and run outright on Bitcoins!

If you’re fond of Minecraft or simply want to build, create and dig earning coins, this is your choice. Like on any other servers, when playing BitQuest, you can craft some items, tools, weapon, books and other stuff. All these things are available to sell and buy. That’s exactly where the cryptocurrency works. You can use the cryptocurrency to buy or sell whatever you want in this digital world.

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