These New Bitcoin Faucets Drop Money And not Water

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bitcoin faucet

The every growing Bitcoin is used predominantly as a cryptography currency, allowing it to be mined in various different ways. One such way is to visit a Bitcoin faucet website, which effectively allows users to receive compensation by exchanging a little of their time. The theme of ‘faucet’ is named after the actual utility, except that it dispenses cryptocurrency instead of water.

How it Works?

A faucet system works by asking a visitor to view an advertisement, or click on a sponsor message. Generally, the more time spent on the faucet, the greater the return for both the user and the website. This exchange allows faucet websites to generate revenue and reward the user in a fair and legal manner. The Bitcoin faucet system contains an overall pot, and times the intervals that users can mine in order to keep it balanced.

Faucets are free to use and therefore ideal for anyone who wants to start earning extra with Bitcoins.

New Faucets List

Here are some free Bitcoin faucet sites that are popular in 2015. The variety is huge, and even includes games to keep you entertained. As for the payment, faucets usually advertise in the form of Satoshi’s. They are currently the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin or equivalent to 0.00000001BTC.

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Robot coin – Defeat the robots and rank up in this faucet, and earn a big Satoshi bonus when you defeat the level 20 robot.

Tree Bitcoin – The theme revolves around a tree grows every time you earn, effectively multiplying your faucet rewards with it.

Bitcoin Zebra – Pays a flat 350 Satoshis per hour with an average of 1000 as a jackpot.

BitCoinKer – Allows faucet users to earn 400 satoshi an hour with a fast payout every 15 minutes.

USA Faucet – Brand new faucet with enormous payouts of 1,200 Satoshis and a maximum of 48 million satoshis!

Moon Bitcoin – Adds 1 Satoshi for every few seconds, but slows down as it goes. Stay on longer to receive greater rewards.

BitcoinGet – Perform tasks on this faucet website, and receive varying payouts of up to 20,000 satoshis per task.

CoinCheckIn – Faucet based on a random number generator that has a high chance of rewarding a bonus every 18 spins.

Rena Faucet– This faucet website pays between 120 to 100,000 Satoshis and requires you to watch an advertisement before taking you into a random number generator. However, you can expect high paying rewards!

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