Bitcoin Mining for a Lucrative Income on iPhone

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iphone bitcoin miner

Bitcoin currency is not only a viable option for users all around the world, but it can also provide you with a decent amount of income. Valued at $230-250 a coin, here are some of the ways that people generate BTC.

Bitcoin Mining Explained

Much of technology is dependant around the speed of it’s processing units – that is, for every process running an equivalent set of responses are needed in order to solve the problem. Websites such as Mobileminer or Multiminer provide its users with the ability to contribute to solving complex mathametical problems by turning their devices into ‘miners’. For the problems solved, Bitcoins are awarded as compensation and thus can be viewed as a virtual currency.

Using Apps as Miners

The simplest way to increase your efficiency as a miner is to use a Bitcoin generating app on different platform each time. This is where a Bitcoin mining app can come in handy.

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Multimineriphone is an app for crypto-coin mining that generates coins on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This allows you to effectively triple your mining potential with the use of just one Bitcoin app. Designed for complex operations in a beginner-friendly manner, this app allows you to control the wizard to specifically designate how exactly you want to farm your BTC network. You have direct access to underlying engine arguments and API settings, as well as a built in proxy that allows you to point other miners towads the app. If there’s a profitable coin to mine, you’ll receive a notification to mine it. This is a great way for people to start mining Bitcoins, especially since its one with a strong GUI software.

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Mining Bitcoins is simplified with the use of mobile apps. Websites such as Mobileminer help control Bitcoin mining through simple Python Scripts that take data from other API’s to create a mining environment on your iPhone CoinTerra Monitor is an example of one such app that supports remote controls. It will monitor the miner for errors, send e-mails with logs attached and reboot the machine if necessary.  Bitcoin mining software has evolved rapidly since 2009, and its possible to remotely control how you operate for your time.

Play iPhone Games for Bitcoins

Bitcoin games have now arrived on iPhones. SaruTobi is one of the iOS games that Apple has approved on it’s marketplace that rewards users with coins in the place of revenue sharing. In the game, users swing a monkey from a vine, building up momenetum to collect power-ups. The coin generation comes from a shared ‘pot’ where revenue from in-app purchases and advertismenets are converted into Bitcoins and added continually. Players also have the option of donating to keep the pot filled with coins. Why is this special? Well, it’s a viable system that allows you to use your time in any geographical location while having the same BTC mining potential. With apps markets as large as the iOS Marketplace, the exposure to Bitcoin mining dramatically increases in turn.

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