The Most Useful Way to Get Bitcoins For Free

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On the Bitcoin network, there are always enough ways to earn Bitcoins without any sort of mining; selling something or exchanging your fiat money. In other words, you can get them for free, daily. In fact, the amounts of money are so small and unreasonable, you’d better read some book instead of typing the CAPTCHA or similar.

Usual Faucets

When people hear about free Bitcoins they think about faucets. Faucet is a website where you can get a little amount of Bitcoins fast for doing something really simple. Usually it is a CAPTCHA to type in or wait for a few minutes. For example, you can check this faucet or this one.


Reading for Money

Most of us have probably seen such websites with faucets where you get Bitcoins for no reason. How is this? Just for a request. We know it is useless because the amount of Bitcoins is too low and you’re flat out wasting your time in this case. What’s the solution? Spend your time in the right way! Reading books is exactly what you need. Have you read Pride and Prejudice yet? Follow this website and read it to earn Bitcoins. There are a lot of classic literature which you can read online. Don’t waste your time—make better use of it.

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On the website called Paid Books, we are able to read hundreds of free books of different kinds and genres. There are science fiction, children’s literature, classic, humor, horror, business literature, philosophy, Romans and so on. In order to begin reading, you have to register on their website and create an online Bitcoin wallet. Then you’re able to read books and get Bitcoins. Each 10 minutes of reading you are paid 400 satoshi with a 800 satoshi jackpot which is 0.000004 and 0.000008 of a Bitcoin relatively. Now you know how to earn Bitcoins for free and spend your time reading interesting and thrilling books. Go on, Bitcoins are waiting for you.

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