How to Use Faucet Bitcoin Zebra

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bitcoin zebra faucetHave you ever heard about bitcoin faucet? Probably no. There is no connection with your bathroom or water. Bitcoin faucet is a free service which gives its visitors little sums of money. We’re talking about bitcoins, of course, so you’re going to get small piece of a cryptocurrency coin using this website. Usually, users get sums equal to 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 satoshi which are about 0.00001-0.00003 BTC, not very much. If you are looking for some free coins, just use this website, register, solve a CAPTCHA and take a tiny piece of a coin.

Faucet is Not Only About Water

Now seriously, Bitcoin faucet is quite an old website which was made when Bitcoin wasn’t so popular and wide-spread. It was unfamiliar to the audience, it was something completely new for people, and consequently there had to be a way to make it well-known. The simplest way to spread something is to give it for free. Bitcoin faucet was very clever when cryptocurrency wasn’t too expensive, and at the time a hundred bitcoins were equal to 0.53 cents.

Bitcoin faucet was quite a good idea then, but now tiny gifts of 1,000 or even 3,000 satoshi are not very interesting for users. Prices have risen since that time, making it impossible to give free bitcoins today. They are too valued, and this is why they give such a small piece of a coin each hour.

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Feed Zebra and Have Fun!

So, this faucet was a very interesting example of product’s promotion. Now it’s just a funny game.

feed zebra

You feed a zebra with your email address or online-wallet then solve an easy CAPTCHA and get few coins for your wallet. You will probably never manage to buy anything with them but it’s still fun. Just feed a zebra and get some coins!

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