The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Bitcoins: When There is No Time to Wait

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fastest way to get bitcoins

We have already mentioned several times a site called LocalBitcoins where you can find someone who’d like to buy or sell Bitcoins for you. This site is really remarkable because it makes Bitcoin such a great currency which can be exchanged face to face. However, it takes some time. First, you need to find a Bitcoin seller or a buyer near your location. Then you have to negotiate a place to meet and a time. Eventually, you have to meet somewhere and make a deal, which also takes time but is usually free of charge. So, in other words, this is not a very fast way to purchase Bitcoins. Well, let’s find out more.

Fast Way to Get Bitcoin

So, you have decided you need for some reason a particular amount of Bitcoins. This not a big deal but causes some issues if you’ve not handled them previously. If you know what Bitcoin is and have already bought coins in the past,  you probably have verifications on some big cryptocurrency exchanges. Having a verified account on Coinbase, Bitstamp or Bitfinex makes the deal easier. These accounts are free so you ought to have one. You could buy Bitcoins, sell, deposit or eventually withdraw Bitcoins. It really is a comfortable and reliable service which is designed in the best way. So if your business or work are related to Bitcoins, if you regularly trade or invest in the cryptocurrency network, if you need to lower transaction costs or make them almost for free, Bitcoin exchanges are your best option. Bitcoin exchanges are very convenient and a quick option to get Bitcoins if you need to buy or sell them too.

Nevertheless, they cannot be described as a reasonable way to get Bitcoins immediately when you need them for a reason. Why is the previous option not good for our case? The answer is simple. Verification. We have already mentioned that in order to make a single transaction, purchasing, deposit, withdraw or transfer, you have to verify your free account. That is the issue. You need to upload your documents which usually include a scan of your residency document and scan of your ID. After you uploaded the docs, you must wait until they are verified by the exchange support team. Sometimes it takes a day or more, sometimes it can take up to a week. It all depends on the resolution of your scans and any technical problems which may occur during the verification process. Sometimes this is too long and you cannot afford to wait for even a few days while your account is verified.

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No Verification

So, it is a really important point to consider if you’re going to need Bitcoins in a hurry. You have to own a verified account on the exchange. Is this the only way to get Bitcoins quickly? No, it’s not and we’re going to show you another good option if you need Bitcoins sooner rather than later.

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Let’s look at a site called ExpressCoin which provides exactly the necessary service you need. This is quite a new competitor to the big and famous exchanges but has already gained popularity amongst users. The main difference between ExpressCoin and its competitors, as we mentioned earlier, is no verification is needed for the first $1,000 transaction. The co-founders of the platform claim their service was made for customers who could not link their bank account for some reason. This policy leaves lots of potential customers outside the common Bitcoin exchanges. ExpressCoin offers a very simple and quick process which can hardly be called verification. On the site, you can create a free account then verify your email address and phone number. No ID cards, residency or bank accounts are needed. Just a number and email and as your account is ready,  you can make a transaction. There are still some restrictions on monthly transactions such as a maximum of $1,000 per month. To completely remove these restrictions, you have to upload your photo ID then you can use the exchange as any other. So, it is a very quick and comfortable option if you need Bitcoins right away.

Coin Cafe

Another option for people who do not want to deal with verifications is Coincafe. This is a very convenient site which provides several methods to get Bitcoins quickly. On this platform, you create a free account and upload your photo ID. In fact, a photo is not mandatory but opens more opportunities and features on the platform. However, you don’t need to verify your residency or link your bank account. Then, you have different options to buy Bitcoin in the most convenient way. If you live in NYC you can even buy Bitcoin at their local retail store, or use Bitcoin ATMs which are located in Brooklyn. The longest option is wire transfer. It usually takes one or two days. After the transaction is complete, your coins are sent directly to your account. Your free account is also a Bitcoin wallet so you can use it as this or simply transfer them to another.

We have discussed two sites which allow you to get Bitcoins quickly but we are not sure which is the best option. What do you think? Maybe you have your own experience of using a quick and easy to use platform? Share it in the commentaries.

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