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You may have been hearing the term “Bitcoin” around the Internet for a few years now, but may not have been aware of what it is and how it worked. If you’ve been feeling bogged down by the different hassles and difficulties in using traditional online banking and payment systems, then you may want to start using Bitcoin, and there’s no better place to start here in the Philippines than

What are Bitcoins, really, and what does do with them?

Bitcoins are a form of currency that serve as an easier way to pay for things online, without much of the extra added charge that credit card companies add to transactions and the waiting time that you have to go through with other services. is the only Philippine-based company that services Bitcoin transactions in the country, offering you a whole new easy and efficient way to manage your cash online.


Navigating and using is easy and hassle-free. First, you’ll clearly have to go to the site and register a new account. It’s free and simple to start a new account, and it’s definitely extra secure, requiring you upload a selfie in order to use. (Other people with your account details won’t be able to log in just like that; they’d literally need your face.)

Once you have a account, you’ll have two “wallets” to use: your Peso wallet (your real-life, unconverted money in the local currency) and your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet. The two wallets just serve as filtered accounts for your money; money coming into your account will turn into the specific currency based on the wallet it’s in. If the money is sent to your Peso wallet, then you’ll obviously have it in Pesos, same goes for the Bitcoin wallet. You can also transfer money between each wallet easily, and you can see the current real-time exchange rate on the dashboard.

From the dashboard, you can do everything with your account and the money in it. You can Add Money to the account from your existing bank accounts or from elsewhere, such as a pay station at a 7-11 or an SM Bills Payment center. Of course, you can also Cash Out and send the money inside your account to your bank account or other possible withdrawal channels. If you also want to pay bills via your account, you can do that and purchase prepaid load as well.

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Receiving Bitcoins is also very easy: all you have to do is give the sender your Bitcoin wallet address. If you also need to, you can send Bitcoins to other people’s Bitcoin wallets as well.

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Things to remember about

If all of that’s managed to hook you in to using, then that’s great! Just remember, though, that there are some limits and downsides to using the service and Bitcoins in general.

First, imposes a P2,000 top-up limit for new accounts. To remove this limit and get up to a P400,000 transaction limit every day, you can apply for verification—all you need to do is fill up a form on the website and present the required documents and ID. After a couple of days, you will be verified, and you can now send and receive up to P400,000 on your account.

Another thing to remember is that if you send money to the wrong wallet or person, there’s no way to file a complaint or ticket and get that money back (unless you ask the recipient to send it back to you, assuming the money ended up with a real person).

And one other thing: while Bitcoin and other virtual transactions are near-instantaneous on, withdrawing your money takes a while. It may take a few hours for you to cash out your money, but that’s certainly preferable than waiting two to four business days.

So if you’re looking for a better way to direct your money over the Internet, then give a try! You may find that it’s everything you’ll ever need to shop, pay bills, and send money online.

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