Use Your Android Smartphone as a Bitcoin Wallet

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A Smartphone with the Android OS has a huge amount of applications for different purposes and aims. There are useful applications and programs for education, getting information, entertainment, and more. If you need to find out Bitcoin wallet on an Android smartphone, there are plenty of them on the Internet. Now we will review some apps to give you a better understanding of what the Bitcoin market has to offer.

Reliable Wallets on

First, take a notice of this original website where you will find a short list of popular and reliable online wallets. Some are available for the Android smartphone so you can download and test them. Choose the ‘Mobile’ option and click on Android line. There are eight apps to download. The first is the Bitcoin Wallet. It is reliable and an easy to use app. If you need keep your Bitcoins in a safe place and send them directly to others without issue, then this app is a good choice. It has limited functionality but is compensated with its simplicity and good security. In fact, most of the apps on the website come with basic privacy security which are needed to protect your money and keep transactions secret. It is very difficult to steal purchase information due to changing addresses. However, you should still take care about your privacy and security and follow the rules of the private use of Bitcoin.

Search on Google Play Market

There are also a lot of Bitcoin wallets apps on Google Play. Some of them you can find on the previous website, however, we are going to talk about these applications in more detail.
One such application is Mycelium wallet. This Bitcoin wallet does not require the downloading of any blockchains, so it works fast. You have to download the app, install it and be up and running in a few seconds. It is a very simple to use application for your daily needs. If you want to receive payments or a transfer via a QR-code, you only have to type the amount of Bitcoins you want, then the persons name who is paying you for a service or good, the QR-code and the money will be sent in a few minutes. It is simple and useful for small businesses such as coffee shops and restaurants. You can transfer your Bitcoins using local currency; it will be automatically converted. Such an application is simple and comfortable to use.

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Binance: one of the best exchanges in the world!

If you are looking for a trusted top class crypto exchange that has hundreds of trading pairs on a highly secure site, you should try Binance! Website is nicely designed and works perfectly. The all round high quality of operation and customer experience make Binance one of leading exchange in the industry. Register and find out for yourself!

The next interesting application we found on Google Play, but not available on the previous website, is a Blockchain wallet. It is powered by a large company, which claims to have created ‘The world’s most popular Bitcoin wallet’. The application has a beautiful and simple interface. The wallet is free, secure and provides all the transactions you need. You can send money via an email and receive them in the same way. It has useful notifications and you can simply customize them, forward notifications to your email or phone by SMS. The most interesting feature we have discovered is a particular map for Bitcoiners. That map allows you to view all merchants, businessmen, and companies in your area who accept Bitcoin as a payment method. It is convenient and helpful to understand where you can spend your digital coins. With such a map, you can find a local store or a bar, which accepts Bitcoins, and go there and use them.

As you can see, there are many good Bitcoin wallets available on Android, around the Internet. Therefore, you will have no problem in finding the best one for your phone that meets your purpose.

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