Get Bitcoin Price Widget in Three Minutes

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If your site is somehow related to the Bitcoin network, trading or perhaps a blog about the cryptocurrency, you might like to add an attractive widget to your page. We are talking about a Bitcoin price ticker for your website and in this article you’ll receive advice on how to set it up in a few minutes.

First, there are many services and platforms which offer such widgets for sites.

These applications are usually connected to one of the main Bitcoin exchanges and reflect the latest price right from there.

One reliable and well-known website which provides lots of information about Bitcoin and the network is Coindesk. On this site, you may see a widget displaying the real-time value of the cryptocurrency. Their price doesn’t reflect any exchange value but the average amount from several different exchanges. They take information from Bitfinex, Coinbase, Bitstamp and others.

If you want to have such a widget or ticker on your site, they provide a detailed description of how to do it. In fact, it is really simple. All you need to do is copy their code and paste it into your web page. That’s it. Now you have real-time application to track the price.

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