Bitcoin Mining Rig: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

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mining rigMaking bitcoins is quite difficult if you use only a personal computer and its processor. Personal computers usually do not have enough capacity to effectively solve blocks, which can earn coins. Well, have you ever heard about mining rigs? They make mining more efficient as well as quite profitable. If you try to earn bitcoins with your home computer, you will probably never earn a single coin. Today, the speed of bitcoin-creation is so high that no ordinary computer can ever vie with modern and current equipment. However, a few years ago it was possible to make coins by yourself; therefore, people were extremely interested in increasing their own capacity. Computers and their Central Processing Units were outdated even in that time, so miners had to find a way to increase their capacity. A way was found ― to use a mining rig. How it was? Let’s see.

Mining History

A mining rig is a dedicated, specially constructed piece of equipment comprised of several Graphic Processing Units, which work together solving blocks. Perhaps you do not know what a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) is. This is a facility that helps your computer with high-speed computations. Such high-speed computations are usually used in games or visual effects, which consume plenty of your computer’s capacity. Thousands and thousands of lines of code need to be computed, analyzed, and executed in each second of time. Pretty hard to do. GPUs can do that. That’s why miners choose them for solving blocks and earning money. Well, this kind of equipment consists of two or more Graphic Processing Units.

Logic is simple. If you make with a GPU, let’s say, five times more than by using only a CPU, you are going to make twenty-five times more with such a good tool, which was assembled from five Graphic Processing Units! That’s mathematic!

Do It Yourself – DIY

So, you’re going to make bitcoins and you can afford a few Graphic Processing Units to build up your own little crop of cash. However, this will not be enough. To build your mining rig, you will need a motherboard, processor, power supply, memory, GPUs, and cables. First of all, attach your Central Processing Unit to a motherboard. Insert your riser cables into the slots of your motherboard. Make a connection between the GPUs and the motherboard using the cables that were plugged into it a few seconds ago. Then mount a power supply, which is very important for stable work. Now power your new machine on. That’s it.

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Just the Beginning

If you want to mine more money, you should acquire more Graphic Processing Units or even buy one or two ASICs, which will make your business truly lucrative.

In fact, any machine that solves blockcs can fairly be called a mining rig. Computers that are usually used for web surfing, your job, or games can be called this as long as it’s also used for mining. A highly productive processor with a dozen of extremely efficient Application Specific Integrated Circuits that can earn lots of bitcoins ― this is a mining rig.

A mining rig is quite a comprehensive notion. A personal computer with a single Graphic Processing Unit that is used for games and cannot mine a single coin for years ― this is also a mining rig. Okay, we’ve got that it can be any equipment or machine used for discovering bitcoins, but the question is: Which of them can pay the most? It is an important question because one GPU may cost about $50 or even several hundred dollars. So, if you purchase, for instance, five Graphic Processing Units, they may come to at least $250. If one costs, let’s say, $300, it means the whole purchase will come to $1,500. Quite enough to think about in return.

Well, if you intend to make some money out of that, be ready to spend a big amount of cash and buy a good ASIC. Today, it’s really hard to vie in getting gold coins with ASIC, which means you should definitely use them. You should be careful and order a good ASIC, or the best one you can financially afford. For example, one Fast-Hash One machine Silver Edition costs $2,499 and produces about 0.2 bitcoins per day. This is not so bad because it probably will make a bitcoin for a week and be paid-off in less than two months.

However, there are some problems. First, you do not exactly know how much cryptocurrency will cost a few weeks later; prices are very vulnerable. Also, progress is so fast that even when your ASIC is shipped to you from a factory, its productivity may fall down to 0.1 bitcoin per day by delivery date. It’s risky. Think carefully before you start.

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