Why Should You Still Mine Bitcoins?

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Bitcoin mining is a very difficult and expensive business. A few years ago, thousands of miners started the race for Bitcoin rewards. The price of a coin was high, though today it’s high as well. The more people are working on mining, the faster hashrate grows. After some time, this kind of business has become too expensive and competitive for personal miners. Today, only big companies are able to acquire the latest equipment and provide cheap electricity costs for their business.

For Educational Purposes Only

However, it is still popular today to mine for educational purposes. It’s helpful to know how Bitcoins are created and understand the whole process. So, if you want to explore this process, you probably need to know how to mine on your personal computer using Windows or Mac. Most of us can’t afford expensive equipment or special software to become a real miner, therefore, a common OS is preferable.

Start Mining

So, after deciding to start Bitcoin mining, you need to download particular software. First, click on this link to get the original client from the official website of the Bitcoin network. Then, you should choose a package for your operating system; Windows or Mac,  then download to your computer. After downloading, install the client. Unpacking usually takes quite a long time, this is dependant on your Internet connection. The whole package is around 20 Gb so be prepared to wait for a while until your PC makes its business.

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As the client is now ready,  you are also almost ready. Next, you can launch the process of Bitcoin mining and look at how it works.

In fact, we recommend you find a pool in order to at least earn something. The problem with solo mining is you will probably never solve any block and get a reward.

The alternative is to join a pool. With hundreds of miners like you, a pool provides permanent income, though it is still relatively small. In other words, it is not so hard to start Bitcoin mining. In fact, any user can get the software and even buy equipment. The issue is making this a profitable business. That’s why we said in the beginning: today it is for educational purposes only.

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