Bitcoin Miner Viruses Can Force Your Computer to Mine

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BitCoin Miner Virus

According to the popular Antivirus organisation Kaspersky Lab, it is possible for digital criminals to force your computer to mine Bitcoins using a trojan. There are a variety of ways that it achieves this, including using up the majority of your CPU and forcing your computer to work as a slave with your GPU.

This isn’t the only thing that the Bitcoin virus can do to your computer. It also allows hackers to take control of your computer, and add your computer to a pool of compromised systems to mine Bitcoins. They can further exploit your machine for other purposes.

Since Bitcoin prices have been consistently rising, hackers find it more profitable to target machines and miners.

How the Threat Accesses Your Machine

The method of transfer that hackers use to gain access through Bitcoin trojans could be something as simple as a Skype message. However, it is possible to also spread through torrents. Popular games such as Watch Dogs that have been torrented have been reported to secretly infect machines with a Bitcoin virus. Additionally, it is possible to simply download any file from a suspicious or illegal website through methods such as pirating software or games and having the trojans infect your computer through that as a result.

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Further investigation will give us a basic understanding of how the Bitcoin viruses infect users’ systems. It may be in the form of a malware package, downloaded by malicious sites (BKDR_BTMINE.MNR or BKDR_BTMINE.DDOS). They could arrive via social media and downloads where cybercriminals trick users into downloading files that contain WORM_KOLAB.SMQX that downloads HKTL_BITCOINMINE into the miner system. These are only a few examples of the dangers possible so it is recommended that you keep up to date with the latest threats.

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You Can Remove the Threats with Anti-malware Programs

How can you remove the Bitcoin virus issue on your PC? Since the infected computer can crash if the trojan is not completely removed, Malware programs are highly recommended. Malwarebytes can detect most forms of Trojan. BitcoinMiners and double check for its presence after having eliminated it. HitmanPro is a follow up program that you can use to detect any remnants and comes with a handy Force Breach mode if you are having problems starting up the program.

Use internet security programs such as Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 for prevention of Bitcoin miners in the future. Should your PC become infected with a Bitcoin virus again, you will run the risk of destroying your processing units.

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