Mac Miners or How to Mine Bitcoins with Apple

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mining on mac osDo you have a Mac and are you interested in bitcoins? Fine, if you are looking to mine using your Apple computer, I can tell you about that. The first thing you should know is that mining with Apple GPU is not profitable. It’s hard to earn money in such a way, so make sure you do not see mining through rose-colored glasses. Let’s make it clear. Lots of miners, using Apple or not, hope to get a prize. So, just keep that in mind.

Beginning with Mac

Well, if you have a Mac and you don’t worry about earning money, the question is how to mine with Apple. First of all, like other people, you should make a wallet for yourself if you don’t have one yet. Go to a website ― for example, ― and create a free wallet. You may choose among a variety of wallets, just go to ― anyway, it’s not so important. To start, you need a wallet.

Next, you have to join a pool. What is pool? A pool is a place where many people collaborate together to solve blocks and get bitcoins. In other words, they mine together. It’s really hard to earn something solo ― it’s almost impossible ― but if you’re a miner in a pool, you have a chance to earn a little bit of bitcoins. So, you register there and create a miner’s account (it’s called ‘worker’). For example, if you use ASIC software on your Mac, one account is enough. If you have several computers or processors that you use, I suggest you make separate accounts for them. The next step is to install special software for mining. For example, you can use ‘Asteroid,’ which is a free application for Apple Mac. So, now you have almost everything you need to be a real miner.

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Software and Hardware

‘Asteroid’ usually has the most popular setting for Apple miners, therefore, you probably won’t have to change anything except you’ll need to add your Bitcoin wallet address, of course. Then click ‘start’ and observe the mysterious process of making a coin out of nowhere. You won’t need to buy anything for such a small profit unless you spend quite a big sum of money on special software and equipment for your computer ― as I’ve said, it’s not easy to earn money in such a way.

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If you intend to mine bitcoins for profit, you should buy special hardware for your computer. It may cost thousands of dollars for the best hardware and none can say for sure how long it will be the best one.

In fact, your best hardware may become out-of-date in a few months and you will lose all of your advantage.

Don’t Care About Money

Anyway, it’s interesting and a bit fun. It is worth understanding what cryptocurrency is and how it works. Also, if you’re not going to mine for money, but for fun, it will be almost free. Most software is free and is not hard to understand.

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