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Bitcoin Donate

Do you have a website and are in need of money? Need funds to pay for hosting? Maybe your platform is a brilliant idea which could simply change our world but you do not want to sell it? However, Bitcoin is a good tool for you in whatever you do. Even if you just hold a little unpretentious blog about your cute dog, you may be interested in receiving additional money. Bitcoin helps in such cases by using special Bitcoin Donate Buttons. Here we can explain to you how to start accepting money from your fans and audience.

Don’t Be Too Serious About It

You must understand that donations are not a very reliable way to cover your needs, costs, and expenditure.

It may cover your electricity and website hosting costs but it probably won’t provide enough money for much more.

Your website, platform or organization should deliver a positive impact and have lots of followers who can maintain and support your business. So, it may provide a good amount of additional money but do not expect to have the funds to buy a sports car.

Simple and Fast

So, if you have a website for your service, organization or some sort of platform where you want to locate your button, you should modify the code to start accepting Bitcoins. First, of course, you need to have an online wallet to receive donations. Afterward, you’ll type your wallet address into the Bitcoin donation button code. In fact, it is easier than it sounds. You do not have to know a lot about coding and programming. Moreover, we have prepared for you a short list of services which give you absolutely free widgets to make a button. You simply download them and set it up on your website.

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Download Official Plugin

Look at this website for anyone who uses WordPress. It is original and is an official website so have a lot of useful widgets, plugins and other helpful features. In your case, you need to download a file so you can set up and get a button on your WordPress site. You can customize the button as you want and encourage your visitors to pay a little bit money for your hard work.

Code A Little Bit

Here you can use a simpler and faster way. At the website called Coinwidget, you only have to insert your Bitcoin wallet address and receive the code. This code is inserted into your website code and it will work. Easy and comfortable to setup.

Transfer Your Bitcoins Into Dollars

However, sometimes you do not need to get Bitcoin itself and you need fiat money like the Dollar or Euro. In this case, you can visit and register on the website BitPay. This is a special service which helps you to make a widget for your website to get money in Bitcoin form but at the same time, transfer them to your real bank account as Dollars or Euros. In other words, if someone gives 0.005 BTC to you, eventually, you will receive approximately $2.25 in your bank account.

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