8 Incredibly Useful Bitcoin Chart Widgets and Apps for Android

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bitcoin charts on android
There are several Bitcoin apps available for android that are ready to help you in managing your Bitcoin transactions. We’ve compiled a list of interesting apps that you may be interested in – they are packed with utility and are recommended for anyone who is investing in Bitcoin. Below is a chart of some of the more popular apps.


TabTrader is a trading terminal for Bitcoin exchanges such as Bitstamp, ANXPRO, HitBtc, BTC-E, BTCChina, Huobi, Kraken and more. With around 20,000 users, this app is available for android and has a noteworthy features. They include chart trading, order input, technical analysis and a security protocol.

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This app can import private keys, and has a function in the widget where you can use a QR code to scan an adress for Bitcoin transactions. It also features a pin lock to ensure that no one but you can access the app. There is even a flat currency display on the main screen of the application.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet is the go-to solultion fo Android Bitcoin users. Bitcoin wallets created on other platforms, such as a desktop, can be imported into Bitcoin Wallet. You can manage and receive multiple addresses, or use the widget to import addresses into the backup menu.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Paranoid

An application is available for those who want to stay up-to-date with minute prices on the Bitcoin stock exchanges. There is no specific app or widget here, but will conveniently place a permanent notification shade with the current exchange rate in a chosen currency. Flat currency conversion is also included here with a unit of 1BTC to 1 unit of 1 standard unit of a selected currency.

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bitcoin paranoid


Zeroblock is an application that displays prices in real time and provides quotes from services such as Bitstamp, Btc-E and several more. The news aggregator scraps information from many sources, including reddit, bitcoin talk forums, company blogs, maintream news and more to give information about the latest movements.



Bitcoinium is a widget that sends charts directly to your homescreen. This is particularly nice for those who prefer graphical representations of movements of Bitcoin prices. It features multiple representations of series with color coded keys. Bitcoinium app has many positive reviews on the Android app store.


Bitcoin Chart Widget PRO

This is anotehr example of a Bitcoin chart that allows you to cutsomise what you see on the chart. You will need to take a few steps at first to add which exchanges you wish to see and the preferred chart types. Afterwards, you can select timeframe movements. This app will give you the information you want and the ability to see only what you need.

bitcoin chart widget pro

Cryptocurrency for DashClock

There are dozens of currencies that you can monitor in this easy all-in-one app. You can add the currencies you want to see and set the Bitcoin equivalents for them. It’s simple to use and users will be able to jump in without having to learn too much.

Cryptocurrency for DashClock

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