Get Bitcoins with Your Credit Card: Now It is Possible

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Bitcoin has been getting more and more popular amongst Internet users and investors but common people are still prejudiced against the cryptocurrency due to its relative inconvenience. Well, the easiest way for everyone is to simply take cash out of his or her pocket and make a transaction in a shop. Bank cards are the same. Take it out of your pocket and make a deal. Your money is already in your bank account or in your wallet and this money is accepted by any shop in your country. It is obvious and simple. There are still not many shops or places where Bitcoins are accepted. That’s the biggest issue we’ll help you to overcome and so you can start using your Bitcoins daily.


The question is how to buy Bitcoins with your credit card? It is the probably the easiest way and it would make Bitcoin much more popular among regular people.

So, in fact, the way we would like to recommend to you is not very fast to begin with, but after the registration process and verification, your transactions with Bitcoins are going to be easier than ever.

On Coinmama you are able to buy Bitcoins using your credit card, your online wallet or even cash. The first step is to get verified as you make an account. You have to type your information and upload documents to prove you’re not a fraud. Once you are verified, you’re able to buy Bitcoins using the method you prefer. You can use Western Union, MasterCard, Visa. You can use either credit cards or deposit cards. As your account is verified, you purchase the cryptocurrency the transaction provides immediately.

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Binance: one of the best exchanges in the world!

If you are looking for a trusted top class crypto exchange that has hundreds of trading pairs on a highly secure site, you should try Binance! Website is nicely designed and works perfectly. The all round high quality of operation and customer experience make Binance one of leading exchange in the industry. Register and find out for yourself!

Virtual World Exchange

Another good and similar option for getting Bitcoin with only your credit card is VirWoX or Virtual World Exchange. On this website, you are able to use PayPal or a bank account and get your Bitcoins within 48 hours. Moreover, using a PayPal account, in this case, is more convenient if you’re already a PayPal account holder. Once you register on the website you have to make a deposit to acquire the cryptocurrency. The most comfortable and quickest way is using PayPal. Once your money is transferred into your account on VirWoX you can buy SLL. SLL is a particular virtual currency for the online game Second Life. This website is one of the first in the network to start such a service with Bitcoins so people got an opportunity to not only buy SLL for Bitcoins but also those coins for fiat money through SLL. In other words, you buy SLL and then sell them for Bitcoins.

So, try these ways if you want to make your transactions with Bitcoin more convenient and quick by using the most comfortable and accessible payment method to buy this virtual currency. In fact, it is not so easy and fast as your banknotes in your wallet or a pocket but it is getting more and more convenient year by year. We hope you will enjoy our advice and shop using Bitcoins supporting the network.

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