Experts Explains Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin

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Nowadays investors are looking for tools and securities which can help them to hedge their risks and save capital. At the same time Bitcoin is not considered anymore as an absolutely risky asset. Today, huge and reliable financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and Bank of England are suggesting that Bitcoin-like technology will develop significantly over the next few years. At least, they say that blockchain technology has an undoubtedly bright future. The question is whether Bitcoin itself is a good investment option or does it still have uncertainty about its future. Maybe some altcoins will become more popular and widespread. Moreover, even traditional banks can adopt to reality and assert their market. So, all we are going to answer right here is: Do we invest our money into Bitcoins

Development of Traditional Finance Market

In last few months, experts and financial professionals have made their announcements about how finance markets are going to develop in the next year. They say that financiers and directors will have to act more digital. The digital business model is the key nowadays to profitability and efficiency of the decision-making process. Only highly integrated into the digital world companies will be able to compete effectively with others. They call it the Era of Digital Transformation. It is not only about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but about a digital transformation in general. Traditional, conservative finance institutions will not be able to survive in an increasingly changing world. In the next year and onwards , transaction costs will be lower, data exchange will be faster and companies will be able to plan their financial activities more accurately and correctly. Moreover, it is not only financial companies and institutions who will face this Era of Digital Transformation. All producers, merchants, businesses and customers will have to understand the importance of digital technologies in business models. Digital technologies will dominate the economy as fast as it was dominated by the Internet and websites. Today, no respectable and successful company can operate without a good website on the Internet. Just a few years ago, some businessmen believed that customers did not like using the Internet and websites for shopping or placing orders. Well, times are changing and they are changing extremely fast. Digital technologies, Bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will be important factors over the next few years.

Experts Claim About Bitcoin Future

The CEO of 21 Inc. Balaji Srinivasan on Goldman Sachs Talks conference, claimed that Bitcoin is the most important technology of the decade. He compares Bitcoin with email which has created a revolution in communications and today, Bitcoin is having the same impact on the world of finance and transactions. Also, he says that blockchain technology itself is not very useful and can not be as successful as Bitcoin because blockchain does not provide value. A Bitcoin network exists and runs due to miners who are interested in gaining a reward. This is an essential condition of a good blockchain function.
Jerry Brito, an executive director of the Coin Center, at the same meeting, claims that the government of any country has no power to ban or prohibit Bitcoin because it is just a protocol of data like email letters. However, it is still possible for officials and authorities to make a network’s life more complicated and difficult. They can prosecute merchants who accept cryptocurrency, miners who create coins or restrict cryptocurrency transactions. In fact, it was said that it’s pretty hard to realize but there is still a possibility which makes it a bit risky after all. Moreover, Jerry Brito says that there are enough countries in the world which looks progressively at Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. For instance, they say this about Japan which has a very liberal policy towards Bitcoin.

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About Investment in Bitcoin

Now let’s think about investment in Bitcoin. First, we should distinguish between the three main ways to invest your money in the Bitcoin network. The first and the most obvious is mining. The second is purchasing it as an asset in order to sell in the future. And the last is investment in a business or startup which is related to the Bitcoin network or provide some services and products for the market. It’s a pretty hard choice, isn’t it? Well, let’s learn more about each of them.
Mining is the first way you can invest your money in our list. Mining is a quite complicated business nowadays but still can be profitable and successful. Usually, there are a few key factors needed for success in mining. We are talking about having the latest equipment, cheap expenses and increasing the price of Bitcoins. So, if you want to mine these precious coins, you have to find the best producer who can offer you the latest and fastest mining equipment for your business. Moreover, it is also very important to negotiate a fast delivery. Hashrate is growing each week so if your ASICs come to you in a month, they can simply be outdated to recoup their own cost or even make a profit. So, be careful and demand the best service. Then, you need to find a place where your mining center will be located. You have to analyse the electricity prices in all regions, states and other areas of your country to find the lowest prices for power bills. Electricity is one of the main costs for this type of business so take that into account. And finally, think about Bitcoin prices. Try to understand whether it will grow, keep the same position or simply drop. It is also very important because its price should rise in a few years or at least not fall. Take this into account as well and try to calculate which price will be profitable for you according to all your costs and expenses.
Purchasing cryptocurrency is a pretty simple way to try your luck with Bitcoins. Here the roadmap is clear. You need to find a Bitcoin exchange, transfer your money and then make your transactions. We can recommend to you a few exchanges which are very reliable and strong therefore you can be confident about your money and their honesty. The most popular and well-known is Coinbase. Bitstamp, Bitfinex or Kraken are also very reliable and popular exchanges. You would most likely be better registering more than one. To compare, to have an ability to find the best offer and best price. If you are interested in gold, for example, we can recommend to you a very good service which is called Vaultoro. Here you can buy Bitcoins and gold, trade them and earn money on the most reliable and the most progressive assets of both. So, there are enough platforms for trading so you can choose the best one for you and earn money in this way. However, always remember the main rule of trading – do not risk money you can not afford to lose.
And the last way to invest your money in the Bitcoin network is investments related to startups. This is definitely an option for investors with a good amount of money. In other words, it’s quite hard to become a business angel for a startup if your capital doesn’t exceed at least one million US Dollars. If you’re one of them, lucky you. Here you can choose between a lot of startups on the market. Try to find a small company which looks promising and is in need of money. For example, you can invest your money in a firm which provides services related to Bitcoin like online wallets or even miners. Investment in startups is the riskiest way to invest but it is also very promising. As was said, later next year is going to be the year of the digital finance revolution, so today, there are a lot of small but potential companies which are going to boom soon. The question is how to find such promising firms and startups for investment and why these are better than others. Here you need to have a special flair for such things.

Consequently, we have researched and concluded that Bitcoin is worth investing in, for sure. In the next few years digital technologies and cryptocurrencies particularly, will the driver of the whole finance world.

So, if you bet on Bitcoin, you will not lose but there are many ways to invest in it. Here you have to decide for yourself which is better and how you can gain more profits from this digital wave.
Good luck!

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