The Best 5 Publicly Traded Bitcoin Companies Which You Can Invest In

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How much Bitcoin companies are traded on exchanges publicly? How many entities related with Bitcoin made their IPO? Firms and corporations in a business which is related to a Bitcoin network and ecosystem. They may provide special services for cryptocurrency users, make online wallets, vaults and secure storage, sell different goods with BTC or whatever. Which of them are openly traded? Quite an interesting question because IPO shows that a company is reliable enough to be purchased on the open market. It is an important question and we’re going to answer it now.


In fact, there are a few entities which can be purchased on a public market. There are some restrictions and rules for auditing, capitalization and risk management for them, so due to these obstacles, not every firm can simply be listed on an exchange market. That why these firms look more reliable. The first one which managed to get on the market is the Bitcoin Investment Trust by Barry Silbert. His trust is titled Grayscale and offers clients an option to buy its shares in order to gain profit on activities with Bitcoin. It seems to be a good option for investors who for some reasons can not buy Bitcoins on their own. It may be government restrictions or an unwillingness to buy or sell BTC by themselves. Here, you do not need to keep your eye on Bitcoin prices and think about when to buy or sell. The BIT Grayscale does this job for you and its price of share depends on the BTC price. So, if you’re looking for a public trust related to the cryptocurrency, Grayscale is trading on the OTC Market Group with the symbol GBTC. This is not the same as NASDAQ or NYSE because OTC has no such a strict rule for listing. Though Grayscale is considered a pretty risky asset, it is exchanged publicly and therefore it is more reliable and secure than companies which are not.

Bitcoin Shop, Inc.

Another corporation which are trading on OTC is Bitcoin Shop, Inc. or formerly TouchIT Technologies Inc. On their website, they present themselves as a “U.S. public company, focused on blockchain technologies”. Though, firstly they worked with online shopping website Bitcoin Shop, which offered purchases in Bitcoins, today it is focused on the development of blockchain technology in general. This corporation is available to buy on the market so you and anyone else can be an investor and stockholder of the firm. On their website, they present pretty detailed information about their activities and firm’s data and growth.

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There is another online shopping firm which works only with online-retail. Overstock is an online-retail corporation whose headquarters are located in Cottonwoods Heights, Utah, United States. This company is listed on NASDAQ and has the symbol OSTK. This online shopping platform was among the first which started accepting Bitcoins as a payment method.

SmartMetric, Inc.

A very interesting and innovative firm is SmartMetric Inc. They produce biometric solutions for secure and easy payments. They produce particular cards which do not need a PIN-code but a client’s finger-print scrolled through a narrow line on a card. It sounds really futuristic and they accept Bitcoins. They announced that they are going to create an absolutely secure card for personal Bitcoin payments. This firm is listed on the OTC Market Group and has the symbol SMME.

WPCS International, Inc.

This company is listed on NASDAQ exchange and has a symbol as WPCS. They provide design and engineering services for infrastructure, wireless communications and security systems. This firm is related to Bitcoin due to their acquisition of a Bitcoin online platform, BTX Trader. The platform provides a convenient service for traders who want to invest their money in cryptocurrencies without the risks of volatility. They try to reduce this risk by the use of advanced orders like a hidden order or immediate market order.

Consequently, we can say that publicity and open exchange is a very good marker for any corporation who are trying to make its business in the Bitcoin network.

The cryptocurrencies still look like something unusual and it is still hard for investors to distinguish between risky projects and reliable and promising projects. Publicity and listing on an exchange can be a good indicator for them to invest money in a listed firm.

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