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Bitcoin investment continues to provide an alternative that offers higher rates than traditional currency in today’s market. Nowhere else in the world will you find a platform that offers you the opportunity to borrow and receive funds instantly no matter where you live and what bank account you have. It’s also completely legal, and operates within the boundaries of national laws around the world.

Best Bitcoin Loan Services

Late last year, powerhouse loan platform BitLendingClub announced a $253,336 seed investment from the European VC fund LAUNCAHub.  Other similar platforms that have received seeds on the scene include Bitbond, BTCLend and BTCJam. Consider all loans in Bitcoin to be similar to those of corporate bonds with a cut in risk. For example, since it is possible to convert loaned Bitcoins to USD, this is one way of ensuring low-risk investment. It’s also a boost for the economy when money enters into the Bitcoin market, especially since a lot of the currency can be used to further operations and fund innovation.

How to Invest Money?

Much like borrowing from a normal bank, investors will be required to verify some details and create an account. Any amount of Bitcoin currency can be offered as a loan, and new investors are often encouraged to lend only a small amount to different borrowers to mitigate risk. Bitcoin loans are extremely flexible thanks to it’s digital nature, and can be paid back in an instant.

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How to Borrow Money?

With Bitcoin loans the traditional system of credit checks isn’t as important. What becomes relevant for your loan is your account integrity (whether or not you pay back your loan). This becomes a form of leverage for you to receive future funding from investors. As your account increases with reputation, you will find your loan requests funded more often thanks to this trust. Start small, and always remember to pay back the loan in order to get funding of greater increments.

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Social Benefits

Websites such as Kiva assists in providing financing to underprivileged communities using Bitcoin. They operate by using funds from the cryptocurrency to purchase equipment, pay for higher education and provide basic needs.

There are a wide range of options for investors to profit with Bitcoin loans, and social contributions are not out of the question.

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