All You Need to Know About Bitcoin Investment Trust: Grayscale

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Today, investment becomes more and more diversified. You can earn money in shares or stocks of big reliable companies like Apple or Microsoft or small and more risky companies which are not so famously well-known. You can buy gold, oil, rice or wood futures and earn money on their price increasing or decreasing depending on your strategy. The new opportunity for traders and investors is Bitcoin as an asset and an instrument for profitable trading. Bitcoin’s price is growing but is still volatile so it is possible to gain profit on it. However it is not for everyone and can be considered as a risky deal therefore there is a Bitcoin investment fund or BIT called Grayscale. Here we’re going to tell you about this company.

A Little Background

The company was created to provide a good service for the investment in Bitcoin. Grayscale’s founder claims the cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin is the future of the finance world therefore its company is considered not the best but a good tool for everyone who does not know a lot about the cryptocurrencies but still wants to earn money or diversify a trading portfolio. Traders can use BIT as a simple trading vehicle to gain profit from price movement but at the same time they do not have to spend their time on buying or selling Bitcoins itself.

How to Start Investing

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So, if you still think it is a good idea to invest your money in this Bitcoin trust we can show you what you need to know. Not every investor can join the trust, moreover only qualified investors can do it. To start, you need to meet one of two requirements. First, you can be a particularly qualified accredited investor. According to Grayscale’s terms and conditions this is a person who has managed to earn more than $200,000 in last two years or whose net worth is more than $1 million of funds. The second option is work with your broker. This is easier; you can invest in this Bitcoin trust like any other OTC security. To do it you need to have a brokerage account then connect with your broker and claim you are willing to invest your money in this company.

After getting an access to buy Grayscale’s shares you will be able to trade them like any other stocks or shares on the market. You will gain profit depending on the cryptocurrency price so you will have to keep an eye on it.

Risk Disclaimer

Though the company claims itself as a good provider for investment in a Bitcoin service it remains risky. On their website they warn that people should pay attention to all risks in this type of business because as with any other investment, it is considered there is a chance of losing your money, more or less. Well, it wouldn’t be profitable if there was no chance to fail or lose. Probably in such case everyone would like to gain money in such a way. So, it is still a speculative process and not all investors can fund this Bitcoin trust.

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