Two Best Tools to Calculate Your Future Profit in Bitcoin Investment

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bitcoin investment calculatorNowadays traders have a good amount of tools which help them to predict market behavior, estimate possible return or count all the ratios. The latest technologies and programs make trader’s job more efficient, fast and accurate. One of such programs is a bitcoin investment calculator.

There are two main types of such calculator, first and the most popular is bitcoin calculator of mining profitability. The second one is Bitcoin return calculator. Well, let’s pay an attention to them and understand what they are designed for.

Mining Calculator

Mining is a profitable but a very specific business today. A few years ago, almost everyone could download a proper software and start mining on his own computer. Then if a user wanted to do a serious deal and earn more bitcoins he could acquire additional Graphic Processing Unit or even ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). It would definitely cost a good sum of money but then user could get quite a high return on his money. Well, times has changed and today mining is not profitable until you acquire the most effective, efficient and productive hardware with the latest software both. So, now mining is a business for big companies with a huge investment capacity. That’s why there’s a special tool for this segment. Big companies are looking for clear and reliable information which could give them a strong understanding of what they should expect from their capital. At the same time, such program could help common people to count their losses of self mining.

The calculator can estimate profitability of mining according to the data you give to it. Parameters like hash rate, power consumption of your equipment (electricity), equipment cost, its delivery and the current bitcoin price. Then the program will give you approximate information on how long it will take to get the return of your money. The process is simple, the program calculates your indicators and parameters in a few seconds then you can make your own decision whether it profitable for you or not. Depends on that information you may define your expenses, purchases and investments.

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Investment Return Calculator

Another type of such tools is return calculator. This program simply estimates your return on bitcoin investment during some period of time. So, if you have a good sum of money, you’re looking for a profitable asset to put up your money and your choice is Bitcoin, you should definitely try this tool. There is only one parameter which you should type in, it is dates. Choose the period of time in the past and get the information how much you would earn invested in bitcoins.

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This tool obviously helps not only to powerful fat cats with big sums of money. Today almost everyone can buy coins and wait for a while until their price rise up. People often want to hedge their risks and new, potentially very profitable asset may do a good gain from their bitcoins. So, that’s why it’s quite useful to check how much could you gain if you make your investment few weeks ago. According to this information you can decide whether it’s a good time for Bitcoin or not. You can look at graphics and rates of the price and find out if it’s a perfect moment to make your best purchase or not.

Moreover it is a great tool when you have already been trading with bitcoins and have them on your online wallet. For example when you have ten BTC on your wallet you may have some doubts about your steps. Well, this calculator will help you to estimate your profit by the current date. In this way you can simply check growth of your bitcoins during some period and then understand which amount of money you’ll get if you sell them at this time. It’s also important because you can make a right decision and not to lose your money.

So, whether you’re the boss of a growing promising company which is going to take its share of the bitcoin mining’s market or you’re just a person with money to put up in Bitcoin, definitely pay your attention to these helpful tools for your business.

They are free and easy to use but the benefit of them is quite appreciable. So you’ll see the fruits very soon. Find out a few minutes to become familiar with it.

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