The 4 Biggest Bitcoin Funds

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bitcoin fund

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. Once upon a time, its use was limited within the bitcoin enthusiasts. But now more and more people are using bitcoin, this currency has grown more than just buying and selling of it, for example, you can invest your money in bitcoin funds.

Most Popular Bitcoin Funds

SecondMarket is the first company that launched the US-based bitcoin fund. If you are an investor and willing to buy from SecondMarket, you do not directly need to buy this digital currency. With SecondMarket, you can just buy into the value of bitcoin. Other facilities SecondMarket provides are – you do not need to buy, store, and secure the currency. SecondMarket CEO Barry Silbert said that the investors of SecondMarket do not need to wire money to entities around the world. Besides the SecondMarket fund, there are other funds that are expected to be launched in the US investment market.

The Winklevoss brothers. In fact, The Winklevosses are creating a fund named as the Winklevoss Bitcoin trust on Nasdaq. It is a hassle to store bitcoins after you buy. But the Winklevoss twins are planning to offer an option for the investors so that the investors do not actually need to buy and store the virtual currency. So, the investors will be able to manage their funds without the pain of maintaining the currency if they invest in the Winklevoss fund. Cameron Winklevoss said, “Our goal with this whole thing was to make it as similar to the gold E.T.F. as possible.” The Winklevoss brothers are so well-known that they have been the public face of bitcoin.

Winklevoss brothers

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Malta-based investment company Exante Ltd. The positive thing of this company is – Exante is the first company that launched bitcoin hedge fund from Malta. But unfortunately, Americans cannot directly or indirectly buy these funds because of US jurisdiction. When Exante started offering this fund in October, 2014, they were not serious about marketing this fund. But Exante found that public interest for this fund was growing up. So, they more seriously engaged in this fund after observing a trend in public interest. Why and where does this company find opportunity in bitcoin funds? Only in 2011, there were $500+ billion online transactions.

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Wall Street. The SEC is cautious but it has so far given green signal to the advancements of this currency. But yes, Wall Street is backing more and more of this digital currency. Pantera Bitcoin Partners is an investment fund. This fund is exclusive focused on bitcoin and other digital currencies. It is expected that American investors will get more such funds in the near future.

Main Benefits of Using Bitcoin Funds

First, when you use bitcoins, it is a risk-free payment method. Second, bitcoin funds already has many users. Third, it is a borderless currency. So, anyone from anywhere can use this funds. Fourth, if you are investing in an offshore bitcoin fund, you will make profit out of it but you will probably not need to pay taxes for the gain. Please note that this benefit is not available for the American investors. They must pay taxes for any gain from bitcoins and other digital currencies.

A word of caution. Please note that if you are investing in offshore buying secondmarkets, remember that some of these funds are often risky and unregulated. It is better to invest in the funds that are regulated by the government security exchange agency. Barry Silbert’s Bitcoin Investment Trust or the Winklevoss twins’ bitcoin index fund are expected to be safer options.

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