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bitcoin casinoOnline casinos have become popular and widespread in the last few years, but the most recent trend is playing with bitcoins. Well, it shouldn’t be very surprising, in fact. A bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is just a line of numbers and letters, which can be easily transferred between wallets like email letters are transferred between two email inboxes. It is anonymous and almost free of fees and charges. This makes Bitcoin popular in comparison to common currencies like the euro or dollar. Some time ago, internet casinos had to compensate such fees for players, which heavily impacted a casino’s profit. Consequently, internet casinos launched the ability to use bitcoins very willingly. Charges and fees are one of the most costly expenses for casinos when their clients use PayPal or a bank account. It just takes their profit and Bitcoin is the best way to avoid such an outlay. In the end, cryptocurrency helps casinos not only to save their money for more advertisment, profit, or some promotion, but it also gives their players and clients the best payouts and prizes because they can afford it.

Why do we Love Bitcoin?

Well, it’s pretty clear with casinos, but what about gamers? They probably like bitcoins not only because there are less fees and more prizes, but it also matters. Clients of internet casinos are looking for some decentralization and liberalization in games. Bitcoin is a kind of a tool for anonymous playing without government observation and regulation. Customers go to the websites they really want and like. Their deposits and accounts cannot be frozen by government order or prohibited by a new law. They have the freedom to use their money as they want and and they have freedom with their transactions.

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Tips for a New Gamer

So, what should you do if you’re going to join some internet bitcoin casino and start to play? There are a few simple but important steps. First thing you should think about is your security ― security of your information and your assets or bitcoins in your wallet, of course. The website you’ve chosen must be perfectly protected and encrypted to save your personal information and money. Pay scrupulous attention to that aspect ― find feedback about this website and estimate their security measures. It is really important and necessary.

After that, you should pay attention to software. There is a proper software that is used by online casinos and such a software determines the games that are provided on a website. Accordingly, you need to find a website with software that provides all the bitcoin games you’re interested in.

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Also, don’t forget about bonuses in your casino. Find a casino that offers you the best terms and conditions, but also take note of bonuses and offers, which may make games more fun or even profitable. Just don’t decide too fast; choose the best offer.

Once you’ve got the best one, don’t hurry to bet all your bitcoins. Your next step is to find some feedback or reviews about the website’s reputation. Look for comments and all the information possible regarding your choice of online casino. Nowadays, it’s really easy to do and doesn’t take too much of your time. Look through forums, blogs, and social network groups that are dedicated to Bitcoin, internet casinos, gambling, etc. It’ll definitely be very useful to look at people’s experiences and comments. If there is something wrong with the website or if there’s been fraud, you will certainly find out about it in the first several links of research. People always share negative experiences more readily than positive ones.

One last piece of advice is you should think about all the rules and terms that are stated on the website. Of course, if there isn’t any legal page on the website at all, it’s a bad sign. Read information about payments and withdrawals, deposits, and some fees that may be provided by the casino itself. It may be useful to know what you should expect from your bitcoin casino, even if it seems pretty reliable and fair.

For example, look at this page.There is a page with terms and conditions of casino. At the same time, online casino has no such pages. It’s not the best proof that the casino is cheating, but be careful anyway.

Bitcoin games in online casinos may be really fun, interesting, and exciting. It’s going to be cheaper for a client and more profitable for website owners. Moreover, it will be free of unnecessary governmental control and almost anonymous. Nevertheless, it still deals with your own money, even in the form of bits and bytes (bitcoins), so make sure things are safe and transparent.

Think about your security and about the safety of your precious bitcoins and never believe the cheerful colors of advertisement. Be careful and cautious about your money. And then enjoy the game.

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