Top 5 Best Gambling Movies You Must See

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Gambling and betting were always not seen as negative by society but still had not a perfect reputation. Some people throw away all their money at roulette or on poker which has become a symbol of risk and temptation. In fact, gambling is just another form of entertainment which people enjoy, do to relax and have fun with friends and we do not agree with the opinion that casinos themselves make a bad deal. Of course, it depends on the person who plays. Anyway, this reputation has become the basis for some thrilling, fun and interesting films about the industry and the people in it.
Today we are going to find out the most popular and successful movies about gambling and sports betting. Some of them you have probably already watched and we hope at least a few of them will be new to you and you’ll get a good reason to fill a need to buy a copy in high quality and watch in front of your TV screen or whatever. These are in chronological order from the oldest to the newest movie. We do not consider any of them to be better than any other so you can decide for yourself.

The Gambler 1974

This film is a remake of an older movie but considered as one of the most successful films about gambling. After its release, James Caan, who played the main character, was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance. After more than three decades another remake was filmed.
The main character is Axel Freed, an English professor in New York City’s Harvard University, has a gambling addiction which is getting out of control. Alex gets in trouble with debts to his bookie. A bookmaker threatens him to pay the money back or get into bigger problems. The professor tries to get rid of his debts and use his influence on his students to get money.
By the reviews and critics, this film shows a betting obsession or addiction in a very accurate and clear way. So, it is really worth seeing by you whether you like the sports betting industry and casinos or not.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998

Great work by a gifted and talented actor, Johnny Depp in his role as journalist Raoul Duke who departs on a trip to Las Vegas with his lawyer Dr Gonzo. They go to Las Vegas in order to write an article about an annual desert race called Mint 400. During the trip to Nevada, they get high with drugs and meet other people. The main character always sees different hallucinations and delusions like a woman who turns into a big snake and back again in the casino. This drug intoxication leads to severe consequences. They fail to make a good article about the race, smash up the room in the hotel and even feed with drugs, an under age girl and eventually try to get rid of her.
It is a funny and plain film though not exactly about gambling or betting but still most of the time, the characters in the film are in casinos. Therefore, this film definitely has the proper atmosphere of risk and temptation. The film is not for everyone, but still worth seeing.

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Rounders 1998

Another great movie by John Dahl starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton. The movie is about poker players. Mike (Matt Damon) loses all his money in an illegal casino which is run by a Russian gangster. Mike loses $30,000 at poker and promises not to play anymore. He starts focusing on his education in a law school and tries to earn money without gambling. The problems begins when his old friend, Lester Murphy, gets out of prison and he has a huge gambling-debt. He convinces Mike to play poker again because of Lester’s debt and since he was in prison, it has been increasing significantly. Here is where all troubles start and the most interesting part of the film begins.

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James Bond: Casino Royale 2006

The extremely popular and well-known series of James Bond films has no need for an introduction. Casino Royale is considered one of the best films in which Daniel Craig stars and was the most profitable until Skyfall was released. It was Craig’s debut in the role of theMI6 secret agent, 007 James Bond. Casino Royale is a typical film in the 007 franchise with luxury cars, beautiful women, skirmishes and fights, expressive landscapes and a breathtaking plot. Moreover, this movie is considered as an early part of Bond’s career when he hasn’t yet a license to kill so he has to prove his qualifications and skills. He performs several missions in different areas and countries killing bad guys, serving the Queen and finally gets permission to be a 007 agent. Then, he is sent to Madagascar to catch a terrorist. This mission follows him to a kind of a terroristic banker, Le Chiffre. James Bond gets a mission to deal with this man who is a kind of terrorist financier or a banker. This man holds a big poker tournament in Chernogoria, in a casino called Casino Royale, in order to win enough money to pay back his debt to terrorists. So, James Bond gets the mission to prevent him winning in order to convince him to collaborate with the British government. James is one of the best poker-players in the whole of MI6.
If you’re interested in spy thrillers like this, it is definitely a good option for the perfect evening in front of your TV set. The atmosphere of risk and gambling is outstanding. You will enjoy pictures and scenery with people in premium clothes with luxury cars and elegant women. You will not regret watching this.

The Gambler 2014

A new remake of a great film starring Mark Wahlberg. The plot seems to be familiar. The main character, Jim Bennett, is a literature professor in Los Angeles whose life’s credo is to have everything or not to have it at all. This credo leads him to a strong addiction. Eventually, he owes a huge sum of, $290,000, to two different guys. One of them threatens Jim to pay off debts within seven days or be killed. To pay his debts off, Jim tries borrowing additional money from other people and involves his students. One of the students is a promising NBA player and he is going to play a bigger role in Jim’s life. Jim Bennett gets in trouble due to his debts and risks a young player’s career in order to solve his own problems.
Another angle to a quite well-known story, so is worth seeing. Gambling as an addiction which ruins people’s lives, is a key point and the main idea of the movie, This is a good way to spend a couple of hours.

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