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Bonuses in the world of bitcoin gambling are not hard to come by. Almost every casino you encounter will have something to entice you. Be sure to check the terms and conditions before placing your bet because are often attached to any of the free bitcoins you’re given on behalf of the casino. With these options, however, you can find yourself in a world of wealth you never thought possible.

No Deposit Bonus

One of the most common types of bitcoin bonuses we’ve written about before is known as a “no deposit extra.” Simply put, casinos are willing to put their own bitcoins into your account for you to play free. It’s the most sought after type of situation in the world of online gambling. You risk absolutely nothing but can put you at a serious advantage over the casino. It’s always a thrill logging in for the first time and seeing your account full of bitcoins without ever making a deposit. In these cases, sometimes the offer is available to any new registrant, but other times it’s based on a code you get from a promotion. 

For example, offers a 0.005 bitcoin grant if you sign up with the promotional code “N0 D3P0S1T.”

Deposit Bonus

Next in line is the “deposit bonus.” This is basically the exact opposite of the “no deposit.” You’ll be awarded an additional amount of bitcoins based on a percentage of whatever you deposit. For example, the most common rate is 100% of your deposit up to one bitcoin. This means depositing one coin into your account will give you two coins to play with.

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Many casinos offer this incentive to their players to ensure they keep depositing, but the percentage amount usually decreases with each subsequent deposit. For example, some sites will offer a 100% match, 50% match and then 25% match for all future deposits.

Other sites might offer, such as, which offers a whopping 110% on your first deposit after signing up.

Reloading Bonus

Another common type of bonus you might encounter is one based on reloading your bitcoins. If you run out of coins with a casino, or want to place a higher bet, there might be an incentive for you to do so. is extremely popular with offering their members additional coins just for reloading their accounts. This is a worthwhile opportunity for any players who are experienced with casinos and have winning strategies. It can seriously maximize the winning potential on your future bets.

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Loyalty Bonus

Some extras aren’t meant for newcomers, though. They’re for players who have been active on a casino for a long period of time. This is known as a “loyalty program” and referred to as “loyalty bonuses” in the industry.

Because of this, it might be beneficial to choose a casino and remain active by depositing coins, playing games and being active in other site features. For example, offers a chat room, and being active in the discussions might lead to free bitcoins from staff or other players, especially if your name is recognized from their game board. Here is a few PrimeDice strategies that works in december 2016:

High Roller Bonus

Alongside this, if you’re a big player in the world of bitcoins, it might be worth your while to look at casinos offering “high roller extras.” They’re exactly what they sound like – extra bitcoins for placing larger than normal bets. Typically this means betting .1 BTC or greater. Since it’s one of the riskier options you have, many casinos will offer this to you so they can win more of your money if the odds are against you. Always remember to bet only the bitcoins you can afford to lose, especially in this scenario.

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