How to Play Bitcoin Poker on Your Android Smartphone

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bitcoin poker androidPoker is one of the most popular games and it has been so for a long time. Even many years ago, thousands of people played poker. Nevertheless, the process of the game has changed a little bit and offline entertainment has been giving the way to online games ever since the internet had become ordinary. Now, people can play poker not only in a saloon with men and women in front of them, but also completely alone in their houses. The internet has given users access to poker tables around the globe. Today, you can play poker with half a dozen people who live in different countries and speak different languages that you don’t even understand. Moreover, progress is still developing and now internet browsing with mobile devices is becoming more and more popular. Poker is the same.

The full amount of poker players that use tablets or mobile devices is growing extremely fast today. This trend is relevant not only to online poker, but to the internet industry as a whole due to the popularity of mobile devices as a way to connect to the web. Nowadays, a cell phone is not just a phone used for calling or texting. People use them for web surfing, browsing, they share pictures and videos, listen to music, and play games.

Casinos Use Android

One of the most popular OS for smartphones is Android. More than half of all phone users have Android OS on their devices. Therefore, owners of websites follow the trend and make their sites more mobile-friendly, especially for Android users because they are more common. Many online casinos have also renewed their sites with the goal of becoming more attractive to mobile device users.

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At the same time, there is another trend forming. The more popular bitcoins become, the more online casinos are willing to renovate their platforms to let people use bitcoins in games now. Today, there are quite enough casinos that offer their clients games for bitcoins.

As it was said, many owners of websites design their sites in a way that is friendly for mobile phones. Bitcoin casinos are not an exception.

The biggest advantage to using a bitcoin casino on a mobile device is that a player can play almost anywhere.

It may be played during a long trip, during a break from the office, or while relaxing in the yard. You only need access to the internet. When a client starts using a bitcoin online casino, he or she usually is asked to sign up and make a deposit on the website. Now it’s possible even on a cell phone!

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Apps for More Convenience

By the way, Android has a good advantage over iOS. Sometimes, a user needs to download an application to get full access to a bitcoin casino with a mobile device, whereas Android devices usually support most of bitcoin casino websites due to Flash as a software, and the user does not need to download anything else.

Smartphones on Android can easily access a poker table directly from their mobile browsers.

In spite of the fact that most browsers support Flash, it would be better to use Chrome, which is a bit more stable. Chrome definitely supports Flash, so there will be no problems with bitcoin casino games. Well, it’s always available on Torrents.

If you have some bitcoins and an Android smartphone, you probably want to try your luck and make an attempt to win something with poker. Or maybe you just want to relax and have fun with other players like you. Anyway, there are several good bitcoin casino websites that you may like. Some of them allow their visitors to download special apps to their smartphones.

One example is The Bitcoin Video Casino, which is not very popular, but has its own unique Android application. As you install an apk file on your mobile device, you immediately get different varieties of the casino game. Or you may try Bitzino Casino, which is very famous among players. It is free of charge; therefore, you can review games and then test as many as you want to find the ones you enjoy.

If you have an iPhone, we also have an offer for you. Go to Bitstarz or BetcoinCasino. These websites support iOS and have proper apps for Apple.

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