FRESHHouse Of Games Is A Twisty But Satisfying Noir Thriller

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Hard Eight Is A Wonderful Noir Thriller Driven Well By Its Characters

Philip Baker Hall, John C. Reilly, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Samuel L. Jackson star in 1996 neo-noir film Hard Eight, a movie that is unassuming but quietly powerful.

Bob Le Flambeur Is A Charming Classic Film That Started A Lot Of Cinema Trends

Bob Le Flambeur is a classic French movie about gangsters and gambling. While it’s certainly a product of its time with its own problems, it doesn’t stop it from being really charming.

Havana Is A Modern Retelling Of Casablanca That Doesn’t Quite Hit The Mark

Sydney Pollack’s Havana is a ’90s reinterpretation of the Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman classic Casablanca, this time with Robert Redford attempting to channel his inner Bogart.

California Split Lets On More Than It Shows On The Outside

California Split is a bleak little poker comedy from the 1970s directed by Robert Altman that is much smarter (and possibly true to life) than it looks.

What Happens In Vegas Is A Formulaic Rom-Com That Underuses The City

Las Vegas is ripe for a lot of movie plots, but romantic-comedy What Happens In Vegas starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz doesn’t really use many things from the city.

Croupier Probably Isn’t Anything Like You’ve Seen Before

Clive Owen shines in the understated hidden British gem Croupier, a movie from back in the ’90s, which isn’t anything like James Bond or movies most viewers have seen before.

Intacto Is An Interesting Magical Realist Film About Luck And Gambling

Intacto is a supernaturally strange Spanish film from a couple of years ago that demands your full interest and attention, because of magical Russian roulette players.

Guns, Girls, and Gambling Is A Straight-To-Video Title That Fails To Be A Tarantino Movie

Guns, Girls, and Gambling is as messy and uncouth an action/gambling/drama film as its title suggests. Well, at the very least, it’s honest about what kind of movie it is.

The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie Is Mobster Cinema At Its Most Artistic

You have likely never seen an artsy, noirlike action and gangster movie like auteur director John Cassavetes’s “The Killing of A Chinese Bookie,” from the year 1976.

God of Gamblers Is A Campy Classic

God of Gamblers is a Hong Kong cinema classic that’s like a lot of Hong Kong cinema, that’s worth your time. Chow Yun Fat alone is already worth the search for this old movie.