The Guide: How to Bet on Sports and Why Use Bitcoins?

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Do you like online betting? Are you fond of sports games like hockey, baseball or football? Are you interested in horse racing and you like to make a bet or two on your favorite horse? Well, here we are going to talk with you about Bitcoin sports betting. Why it is convenient and why you should pay attention to this way of making your bets. We will give you a few examples of sports bookmakers who provide a good service with cryptocurrency for your comfort and entertainment.

Why Betting with Bitcoin Better

If you haven’t heard about Bitcoin yet and its advantages, you may probably ask why do I need to use something so incomprehensible and unclear like Bitcoin? Why not fiat money in my pocket or my credit card and how it works at least? Good question; because when we’re talking about your money, which you’re going to spend on betting with sports games, there are things you need to know which are important. First, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency without any processing centers, authorities or government regulations. Bitcoin is not impacted by stch an effect as inflation because there is no institution which prints them without any control. Bitcoin has been being mined by users or miners who maintain the whole system, check all transactions and solve algorithms which are given by the system to prove the coin’s authenticity. This technology calls blockchains because all transactions are bound in blocks which are proved by miners. As miners prove one block, it joins the chain of similar blocks and saves forever. Therefore, all transactions can be traced and checked, which means this technology makes Bitcoin impossible to fake or to forge somehow.
It seems quite straightforward and pretty nice but why do common sports bettors choose this way of payment? There are a few good reasons. First, you should know that Bitcoin transactions are very cheap. Usually, you do not have to pay any fees or charges for getting your money from or into a website account. Second, these transactions are almost anonymous so if you use particular tools to remain unknown, the tools allow for this. Although sports betting is not something illegal in most developed countries, some customers from around the globe may be very interested in secure and private betting. The next advantage of using Bitcoin is the speed of transactions. You do not have to wait a few days until you bank accepts your transfer from a foreign betting platform and approves the transaction. That would take too long. With Bitcoin, withdrawing your prize will take no longer than 10 minutes while miners around the globe prove your Bitcoins.

It is easy, safe and fast. So, it’s up to you but we still encourage you not to be afraid of new technologies and try them.

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Where You Can Make a Bet

So, here we’re going to find a few examples of sports betting websits where you can find a good reliable sports betting service with Bitcoins and gain real money afterwards. Most of them accept not only cryptocurrencies but also common real fiat money like the US Dollar, Euro or Pound Sterling, but here we are going to show two particular Bitcoin based websites. Therefore, if you are not interested in cryptocurrency yet, it is still helpful for you to see what exactly is involved.
The first one and probably the most well-known is NitrogenSports. This betting website accepts Bitcoins and offers online betting on more than 17 sports games. Football, baseball, tennis, martial arts, rugby, golf and others. Moreover, on this website you’re able to make a bet on upcoming U.S.Elections or the 2016 Oscars. Do you think Leonardo Di Caprio must win an Oscar at least this time? Well, try your luck and make a bet here.
As popular and well-known as the previous site is CloudBet. Here you can get a 5 BTC welcome bonus and 100% bonus for your first deposit. Moreover, on this betting website, you can try your luck not only on sports games like in a sports bookmaker office, but also at a live casino or roulette table. Withdrawel is instant and simple so you’ll have no problems with this betting service.

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