Three Favourite Games to Understand Sports Betting

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Sports betting is very popular form of entertainment today especially among sports fans who want to try their odds of luck. Although it is a huge industry which makes a lot of money and creates wealth. So let’s get to know more about this part of games, about odds etc. Here we are going to explain several games as examples and betting with them to understand how it works. I hope this will be helpful for you.

The Nature of Betting

Why do people bet on different types of sports games? Why do they like to check the odds of winning a game so often? Quite an interesting question because as we know, people have beem betting all through history. Farmers bet on their cockerels when fighting, the Romans bet their money on gladiators in the Coliseum and chariots on the racetrack. It seems that sport has always been connected to different kinds of betting or gambling. People have always tried their luck and gained some additional money while watching their favorite game. On the other hand, betting has always been big industry. In Ancient Rome, there were special schools for gladiators called ludi. These schools were owned by rich and wealthy Romans who invested large sums of money in purchasing potentially strong slaves who had high odds, training them and building a ludus itself. Therefore, we can say for sure that betting was a profitable business even in those times. Consequently, we can say all these facts made it so popular.

Horse Racing

First, we would like to talk about horse racing. This sport is all about betting on horse racing which is well known among audiences. It is quite an interesting sport because of the beautiful horses running around a racetrack. That’s why it is still so attractive for people around the world. When you want to make a bet on a horse, you can choose three different types of bet. First, you can choose on the ‘win’ which obviously means that your horse is going to win the race. The odds of this is quite low. The second option is to choose on the ‘place’ which means that your horse will get the first or the second place. The last one is on ‘show’ which takes three first places of a race. As you may think, the more places your horse needs for you to win, the less your reward will be but the higher odds of winning. At the same time, betting on the ‘win’ has the highest rewards but the lowest odds, obviously.

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This game is one of the most popular and massive among Americans, therefore Baseball betting is also popular. Here, you simply need to choose the team which has good odds to win. The pay-out depends on the odds. You should look at the so-called Money line to calculate how much you will get if your team takes the cup. For example, if the odds on team ABC is +110 it means that if this team wins you are going to get 110% of your bet. If your amount was about $50 your reward will be $105 or $55 of pure profit. Make sure that you understand how much you are going to gain due to odds in the case of winning so as not to be surprised if your prize is smaller. Odds matter here.


Football or soccer is probably the most popular sports game in the world therefore betting on football is also popular and widespread. People follow their teams around the globe, support them and make lots of bets as well, whatever odds their teams have. The most common type of betting on football games is straight type. When you go to a football match and want to make a bet, you need to provide the team you choose and the point spread. The point spread is the most interesting thing here, in football betting. When you bet you should estimate the number of goals which should be scored by your team in the case of winning or losing. Here you can bet on both results whether your team wins or loses. However, you have to estimate the number of goals to gain your money. It’s a bit harder because two options of win/lose has quite high odds. Literally it is a 50% chance. At the same time, you have to give a more detailed prediction about a match’s result. It makes this type of betting riskier but more interesting as well.

So, betting itself is not a very complicated and difficult deal. Of course you take some risk but in general, it is easy to handle when you know the rules, calculate your odds and finally make your first bet.

The most important thing is not to stake such a large sum of money that you can not afford to lose. Enjoy the game first of all, and then try to win some money out of your little hobby.

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