Top 5 The Most Popular Sports Games for Betting

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Here today, we’re going to understand what are the most popular sports which bettors bet on. There are a lot of them – hockey, football, horse racing, basketball, baseball, even golf and boxing. Let’s try to understand which games people like more and which of them are the most popular. Moreover, let’s try to understand why it is so popular and how do bettors behave in such cases. Here it is.

Why People Bet

Recent research by Gallup states that more than 22% of men and 13% of women in the United States are ready to gamble on professional sports events like football matches or horse races. Moreover, 17% of all Americans have gambled in the past 12 months. Another interesting fact of American betting culture is that the lower income citizens have, the less they bet. There are only 6% of low income householders admitting that they gamble whereas more than 28% of the upper class admit they love to make a bet on a favorite sports game.
So, this type of gambling, sports betting, is still quite popular among fans. They like to come to a match and make a bet on their team. It is a good form of mass entertainment. Sometimes, bettors who watch the game on a TV set, can not just sit without taking any action. They want to participate, take a part in the game, so gambling, in this way, is a kind of participation in a game. A person thinks he or she supports their favorite team. Some try to earn money on this type of entertainment. This is also quite a good amount of bettors. They count every single match, analyse odds and chance, search players’ biographies and read all the professional and expert predictions to make their own forecast. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Sports Games for Betting

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So, now we understand a little bit about why they try their luck and sometimes lose quite a lot on betting and gambling. However, it is also interesting what games are more popular than others. We have prepared top 5 most popular and interesting games which gamblers bet on. This is our own opinion only and slightly based on statistics and so forth. If you think that some of them are not in the right position, let us know your opinion in the commentaries.
In first place, and this is quite obvious, football or soccer. There are about 3.5 billion people who enjoy football around the world and can be called fans. This game is extremely popular around the globe, across borders and continents. So, that’s why it is quite understandable that football is the most popular game for betting and different types of gambling. If you like betting or watching a TV sports channel, you’re probably one of the mass of folks who love this game and follow its matches.
The second place is taken by cricket. Not very popular in Europe and America but still popular in the rest of the world. Cricket is a legacy of the British Empire so it is widespread amongst all Commonwealth countries which were part of the British Empire just a few decades ago. They are independent already but this sport game still unites them on stadiums and matches. There are about 2 billion fans that like and play this game around the world; mostly in India, Pakistan, Australia, UK, New Zealand and across Asia.
The third place belongs to basketball. Most basketball fans live in the United States, Canada, Central and South America but this game is very popular in other countries too. There are more than a billion fans who are very interested in this sport and bet on their favorite teams.
The sport that comes in at number four is hockey. There are also about a billion people who enjoy this sport and can be called fans. Most of them live in North America and Europe. Such countries as Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, Germany or Norway are traditionally famous in hockey and consequently, this game is extremely popular in those countries. However, there is still field hockey which doesn’t need ice so this type of hockey is quite popular in countries with a warmer climate.
In fifth place is tennis. This is a very popular game which has a lot of fans around the globe inluding Europe, the Americas and Asia. It is especially popular in developed countries so sports betting there is also widespread. Tennis attracts hundreds of thousands of people to watch matches and games at tournaments such as Wimbledon (simply known as the the Championships).
Finally, if you are interested in sports betting and thinking about which game to start with, we have discussed top 5 most popular games in the world you can choose from. Start trying your luck with this list or maybe find your own favorite game and make a bet there. Anyway, as we always say, be careful with your money and habits.

Do not stake more than you are able to or can afford to lose. If you feel it’s pretty hard to control your spending on this type of entertainment, be cautious and try to reduce the time you spend on gambling. We hope this information will bring you only positive emotions. Enjoy your time!

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