Four Sports Betting Apps You Can Not Live Without

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Thinking about new tools which can turn your betting hobby into a real business? That’s a good deal and we are going to help you with it. Here, we have prepared some useful tools for you which you can work with to make sports betting easier and more convenient. They are not free because these software solutions, which make money for you in some way, cannot be free. Here they are.

Sports Insighter

The first handicapping solution software for people who are interested in more serious betting is Sports Insighter. This is a great application that gives you a good amount of tools so you can work efficiently. For $149 per month, you can get the latest real-time odds, updates from over 50 sportsbooks and fresh public data from seven sportsbooks and money timeline predictions. As a whole, we think it’s great software for your sports betting and for a relatively small price.


The next software is BetLabs. This a very useful application which provides access to the latest information in the sports handicapping world. For just $99 per month, you get team information, public betting data, useful statistics and previous game information. With such a full set of data, you’re going to be ready for any match or game in any sport such as baseball, football, tennis or other.

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Best Bet

Last, but not the least, is the website BestBet. This is not exactly a sports handicapping software but more like a service. Here you’re able to buy a special best betting package of picks in order to make your own wager. It doesn’t cost much at all so give it a try.

Sports Betting Calculator

This is very useful software if you are trying to make your bets more rational and reasonable. That’s why you should know exactly what the odds are and the potential yield from your bet. Follow this link and download the calculator to your computer and use this great software.

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