7 of the Best Sports Betting Movies

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Best sports betting moviesWe have prepared a list of 7 of the best sports betting movies. Many movies were reviewed and ranked. We will be discussing the best ones. These movies are filmed for common people and large audiences; they are not for professional sports bettors. Although they are quite inaccurate and do not show the reality of sports betting, they are pretty interesting and are worth watching.

#7 Bookies

Young students start to bet and do so very successfully. They use a cunning scheme when sports betting and this helps them win and profit. Their lives become a dream until gangsters discover their success and demand their share. This amusing comedy becomes even more funny when curious gamblers meet organized crime.

#6 Lay the Favourite

Lay the Favourite is about a man who escapes from the police in Las Vegas. There, he and a companion profits with the use of mathematical methods. His life turns more unpredictable when there is a woman involved.

#5 The Gambler

This movie is about a smart college professor. He becomes a gambler and his passion for gambling becomes an addiction. Understanding that his love for gambling is his vice, he tries to free himself from his habit. Afterwards, he gets into real trouble, but doesn’t feel fear. The film shows that a lot of gamblers lose big and are not guilty about their addiction. This movie is really worth seeing.

Also, there is another version of The Gambler that is quite new. This version of the movie was filmed in 2014 while the first movie was produced in the 70’s. The new version is kind of a remake and it tries to give a new vision of the classic.

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#4 Eight Men Out

This film is based on a true story which tells us about the Chicago White Sox team, which surprises many with unfair gambling. They lose the game for sportsbooks and it comes to light. This movie shows how the players get into trouble by taking part in fraud.

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#3 Owning Mahowny

This film tells a story about a banker who uses a client’s money for betting. The main character squanders tens of million dollars with casino gambling, which he takes right out of the bank, of course. He plays in Atlantic City casinos and Las Vegas betting clubs. He wastes the money of bank cliental so easily and shamelessly, which shows the gambler’s nature.

#2 White Men Can’t Jump

This movie discusses the sterotype that white basketball players are worth more than black players. One white player uses public opinion to raise some money on a playground. He bets, plays, and wins. Then he meets a black man who plays as well as he does and they start a struggle until they realize that two good players can earn more money by working collaboratively.

#1 Diggstown

Diggstown is a movie about boxing matches and betting on them. The main character runs boxing betting fights and raises money in such a way.

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