Calculate Your Sports Betting Odds

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Sports Betting

Interested in sports betting? Then you may already know about odds and their importance in betting.

Odds simply show how much you will win in the case of success. Using odds, you can predict your payout when you win.

That’s why you should be interested in a calculator which helps to estimate in advance the amount of your prize.

Odds Calculator

If your bookmaker uses Moneyline odds system, we can show you this betting calculator. You have to type the amount of your bet, the odds that are provided by a bookie then you see the result. For example, if you type $100 and your odds are +250, this means the amount you win is going to be $250. It is a quick and simple way to estimate your numbers before you bet.

Odds Converter

Another useful calculator is Odds Converter Calculator. This is a very helpful program for betting if you’d like to convert your odds into different systems or just simply estimate the potential profit. For example, if your bookmaker uses American or as we say, Moneyline system. You type your odds, let’s say +150. This means your payout will be $150. Additionally, here you will be able to see that +150 in Moneyline is equal to 2.5 in a European or Decimal system and 3/2 in a Fractional system.

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Both of these calculators are useful and simple helping to make your betting more predictable and easy by using these programs.

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