Get to Know More About Sports Betting on Fabulous Horse Racing

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What a charming and breath-taking sport horse racing is. Pedigree horses are running along on a racetrack trying to win. The stadium is crowded with thousands of people. Men, women and children are staring at beautiful these animals which are competing with each other in order to reach the finishing line first and win the race. The atmosphere is exciting and everyone is waiting for the final lap. Have you ever felt these emotions right at a stadium? It’s hard to understand it when watching racing online so instead of online racing, we encourage you to attend real stadiums. If you know what we’re talking about, you probably accept that it’s more interesting when you make a sportsbet on a horse that is going to win in your view. We are not going to make a winning strategy for you, give some tips about winning at this sport, tips for racing, because it’s quite a broad theme and maybe we will discuss it later. Here, we’ll try to understand how to make a bet on horse racing and what horse racing betting is exactly.

Takeouts by Bookie

First, let’s clarify how it works. In a sportsbook, there are usually two types of bets which customers can make. The first type is a straight bet when you bet on a particular horse which you think is going to win. The second type is an exotic bet. Here you bet on different horses. The difference is in the commission which a bookie takes from your stake. Usually, the first one does not exceed 18% while the second one can be more than 22%. This commission is called a takeout because a bookie takes out money out for his service. In other words, all the money, instead of a takeout, is a future prize for people who bet on a particular horse. This prize will be divided equally among betters according to their share and odds. That’s called a parimutuel, by the way.

Take Odds into Account

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Next, you need to choose which horse is going to win. There should be a list of horses with their names. When people make their decision, you can see the total amount of all payments. Although, before everyone makes a bet the information doesn’t change, after that you are also able to see which horse is the favorite. In this way, a favorite horse is not necessary to be a potential winner, a favorite is a horse which has attracted the biggest amount of bets. In other words, a favorite is a horse which has collected more money. As all bets are from on the list, you can also see information about the odds and potential payouts. If you bet on a favourite, your prize or the payout would be probably less than others. Usually, odds are presented in this way payout:stake. For example, if you see odds on your choice like 5:1, it means that a stake of $50 will turn to $250. If you see odds like 7:5 it means that for each $5 you will get $7 return as a result. Therefore, take care when considering your chances, a horse which looks quicker and stronger, may not provide you with much money. Here, you can look at total amount of bets. This sum which compounds all bets, will be paid to the winners (minus takeout of course) equally, according to the information on the table. That’s the whole scheme of horse race betting. Not such a difficult sport by the way.

So, as you can see, winning the race is not a very complicated deal. At least it seems to be something not very difficult to understand. The process is quite simple and probably that’s one of the reasons why such races are still so popular.

You make your stake, watch the race, enjoy it and win or lose at the end. Anyway,if going to a race, don’t worry too much about winning. At least winning money here is not the main idea of this entertainment, it is not just gambling. Have fun, enjoy yourself and don’t stake a sum of money you can not afford to lose.

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