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Have you ever felt these emotions when your favorite team barely snatches a victory while thousands of people are rejoicing in a stadium? Have you felt that pleasure when your team which you bet on, wins, and gets you a big sum of money as a reward? If yes, this is a good article for you. We are going to talk about sport picks or forecasts, where we can find them, which of them are free and whether we should trust these sources. We’ll try to understand whether we need special and professional help in making our decisions in such cases as sports match betting.

Free or Paid?

So, if you are an experienced better who makes rather a good sum of money with betting or just a sports fan who enjoys watching a TV set with your favorite TV channel, in both cases you have probably quite often seen a lot of advertisements for sport tips. Some experts, professionals and former sportsmen offer to sell you their exclusive tips which almost never fail. It looks pretty attractive but is it worth the money? That’s the question we’re interested in today.
First, it depends on how often you make your bets. If you are a regular fan who follows your favorite team’s matches and bets only once or twice per week, you definitely do not need to pay for costly tips. Moreover, if your regular bet does not exceed $5 or $10 and you make them just for fun, you probably do not need it for this reason either. In this case the prize you win won’t ever be more than $100 at best, therefore, it’s unlikely that your can recoup your payments.
If you are a professional better, more or less, you should care about predictions and forecasts which you may find through the Internet. This is obvious if you bet more than $100 and not only for your favorite team and you are interested in getting good information about potential winners or losers. In this case, you can afford to spend some money in order to get a good return in the future. Though you may spend this money for sports picks, how you can be surethat these picks are really worth paying for? That’s the same question again.

Keep an Eye on Facts

To understand whether these pieces of advice are relevant and valuable you must look at the person who gives them to you. It works for paid picks and picks with no payment as well. For paid picks, especially because you pay money to this person and he or she must justify your trust. So, this person must be a real expert on a particular game. It can be an expert who knows a lot but it’s quite hard and you’d better find someone who specializes in a proper game like hockey or football. This expert may be a former sportsman, a coach or a journalist who has worked in the sports industry in the past. You need to know that this person really understands what he or she is talking about and understands all aspects of a game or match.

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Moreover, you shouldn’t just pay attention to his or her past experience. Try to analyse what he or she says exactly. This expert must use facts, statistics and other things which proves his or her words. It shouldn’t be a kind of a foresight without any reason or evidence, especially when this experts asks money for these tips. It must be a forecast based on facts and measures. Well, it sounds a bit weird but games’ results can be predicted more or less. These predictions do not always work but they still work often enough. The real experts analyse teams who are going to compete next time. The experts look at each player in each team and analyse based on their experience or past events. For example, one experienced played may break his leg just before a match and be replaced by an inexperienced new one who hasn’t played before. In this case, the odds of the team definitely decrease. All facts like a stadium, the experience of a trainer, a team’s line-up, past games and matches, the mood of audience and many others are very important for such sports picks. So, a good expert who gives picks, especially when he or she asks for money, always tries to make his or her forecasts based on facts and statistics. That’s a key point for wise betting.

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Where to Find Free Picks

So, we have found out how to distinguish a good expert who gives you his or her opinion. Though you may have enough money to pay for a pick anyway, it is always good to have a few sources with information which you can compare with each other to make a choice. Especially if you do not have a lot of money or betting is simply not something really important to you or you probably would like to get useful tips about forthcoming matches. However, let’s find out some interesting websites which may help you to make a good bet without any payments.
First of all, we can recommend you visit a website called SBR. There is a lot of useful information about all types of sports and games you have ever watched. You can find out statistics about betting odds on matches between different teams and different matches. Obviously, you can find a lot of articles about forthcoming games and what you can expect from them. These articles have rather good and detailed analysis of teams, players and games which are coming soon. Moreover, you have an ability not just to read but even watch videos like this one and to hear comments and reviews just from an expert. This website will probably help you to make a good bet and get to know more about sportsmen and the teams you follow.
The next one is CappersPicks. A website which provides handicapping for lots of games. Using this link you may find out lots of useful tips which are presented for free. Though most of the forecasts and picks are paid and cost quite a lot, you can still find helpful information there. By the way, there are a lot of experts which offer their services therefore all handicaps are personal so you can choose the expert you trust the most. You may analyse what experts present as their opinions about teams, games and players in short articles and find out how successful he is. It will help you to understand whether that expert is good enough to follow his advice and maybe even pay him for the service.
Picks and Parlays is another website where you can find handicapping with no paymens. Like many other websites, they offer premium accounts which give you exclusive information about forthcoming games. Anyway, you should take notice on this page which presents free tips only. Exd and analyse for yourself. They do not seem too detailed or based on facts but it is still a good source for information. At least you can compare a few of them to make the final decision.


So, we have seen three good websites with free tips which you can use for betting. There are a lot of paid subscriptions which provide good tips for forthcoming matches and enough free articles and blogs on both. If you need to find a good forecast for winning or losing on a forthcoming match of your favorite baseball team, you will definitely find it out. We have learned that there are enough good and reliable sources with experts who can help you to make a good decision in this industry. They ask for some money for their service and that’s understandable. You can gain a good profit with this help and recoup all your expenses from the experts’ advice.
The question is whether regular fans and common audiences really need these picks. As we said before, if your bet doesn’t usually exceed more than $10, it seems to be not necessary to look for picks, especially for paid ones.

Sometimes, it is more important to enjoy a game, relax with friends watching a match or whatever and it doesn’t matter who wins or loses.

In our opinion, if you’re not a professional better, you shouldn’t waste your time and money on expensive and doubtful tips. Find out for free if you need them at least and have some fun afterall!

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