An Introduction to Bitcoin Football Betting

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If you have been around the world of online gambling and haven’t heard of bitcoin online betting, then you must have been missing out on something. Bitcoin is the unique platform every sport enthusiast would seek for. With bitcoin online gambling, you don’t have to worry any more about the government or authorities chasing you for violation of laws.

The nature and platform that the bitcoin betting presents is one of the major reasons why it has been adopted as the best online gambling service. Today, many sites offering the bitcoin online gambling services are now increasingly becoming multi-million dollar companies all over the world. It might also be interesting to know that as the popularity of bitcoin continues to increase, more and even more people will always find their way down to bitcoin betting sites.

Bitcoin have greatly gained recognition in the betting market as a whole because there are a number of distinct and exciting advantages that the bitcoin sportsbooks have over their approved based currency counterparts. A few of these amazing advantages are briefly highlighted below.

Bitcoin Betting Platform Offers Bettors Immunity from Seizure

The beauty and uniqueness of the bitcoin betting option is something that can’t be compared with the traditional monetary system. Results have shown that there have been countless number of times an online sportsbooks goes down or folds up. In addition to such menace, loaded or funded accounts are usually seized or frozen, players also lose their hard earned bank roll. And in most cases, even the sportsbooks owners are arrested and harassed. But the good news here is that this conditions are nearly impossible with the bitcoin platform and their style of operation. Therefore, bettors are more secured and safe from overzealous government who are looking to abolish and terminate online gambling sites.

Bitcoin platforms Offers Profile Anonymity and Total Freedom to Bettors

Another very unique feature that the bitcoin online gambling sites offer is the ability to provide potential bettors with ultimate anonymity and total freedom with their hard earned coin.

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However, this feature is in huge contrast to the traditional sportsbooks which will always ask for an individual’s name, mobile contact, home address and what have you. Also whenever you want to make withdrawals, there are no documents to be verified whatsoever, in fact these betting system is super easier than the fiat based sportsbooks you already know.

Bitcoin platforms are void of huge Operational Cost and Payment Processing

In traditional sportsbooks huge operational cost is a major weakness, sportsbooks and gambling sites that uses the US dollars, Euro and the Great Britain pounds usually have to face large payment processing cost associated with their product. However, with the world of freedom, all of these cost do not count, because almost all transactions made with bitcoins are usually free of charge.

Additionally, making or processing withdrawals, only takes some few hours to process from big bitcoin sportsbooks. And also there is never any additional processing fee incurred on players or bettors when cashing out. All these exciting benefits and more are the secrets and uniqueness that the bitcoin platform has been able to provide sport lovers and fanatics of all sort.

Tips and Guides for Choosing the Best Bitcoin Betting Sites You Love

Before opting to make bets on bitcoin sites, there are some few things you may need to consider before as you throw coin in. One of these options being the available parlays. It is good you know that there are various type of parlays made available by the best bitcoin sports betting sites.

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Furthermore, another very important tip to look out for in your quest to determining the best bitcoin sport betting sites would be their betting odd. Ensure you go for sites that presents their odds in various forms or style such as American-style, decimal or fraction.

Types of Bitcoin Sport Betting Market

As you may have known, there are numerous kinds of bitcoin sport betting markets you can get your hands on. Some of the most popular ones among others, are listed below as follows:

  • Football/soccer,
  • Tennis,
  • Basketball,
  • Snooker,
  • American football.

Where to Bet?

You must always remember that selecting the best bitcoin sport betting sites, solely depends on your preference, hence you must be wise when making your choice and placing bets. We can recommend you two best sportsbooks in the world Cloudbet and Nitrogen. Both of them have a lot of bet types, best odds, perfect customer service and very strong security.


  • instant deposits and withdrawals;
  • 100% bonus on 1st deposit up to 5 BTC;
  • user-friendly design;
  • vast range of bet types;
  • strong security with 2 factor authentication.


  • no identifying info is needed to sign up;
  • best odds available at the market;
  • 0 confirmation deposits and instant withdrawals;
  • strong security with 2 factor authentication;
  • live betting options.

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